Aug 21 2020, by Fleetwood Urban

20 collaborations … and counting

Bungarribee Stage 5 Northern Bridge & The Heart Crossings marks Fleetwood’s 20th project within Western Sydney Parklands

Repeat business is always a sign you’re doing something right. So, it was hugely satisfying when Fleetwood was recently appointed by Daracon to its 20th project in just 7 years within Western Sydney Parklands. Yes, you read that right, twenty!

Collaboration, creativity & commitment.

From day one, collaboration has been a big part of our relationship with Western Sydney Parklands trust (WSPT) and, unquestionably, it’s been a key to our ongoing success. We’ve always placed tremendous emphasis on working closely with the different stakeholders to understand their needs, realise the specific project vision and, ultimately, achieve the best community outcomes. 

The latest project is certainly no exception. The upcoming work will see us partner with both Daracon and JMD Design to manufacture and install a new 42 metre pedestrian bridge at Bungarribee Stage 5. Preliminary planning, drawing and 3D rendering is already underway and, I must say, visiting the site has had a real ‘homecoming’ feeling for our team, as the new bridge is adjacent to the wonderful Bungarribee Super Park structure we also helped to deliver back in 2017 for WSPT, Daracon and JMD Design.

When it opens in late 2020, the new galvanised steel truss bridge with artistic panel embellishments will provide a fantastic access link for visitors, opening up whole new sections of the 200-hectare park, surrounded by thousands of native trees, wildflowers and wetlands. It will connect directly to two popular WSPT walking trails and also help pedestrians cross the Eastern Creek to explore other parts of the park that were difficult to reach before.

An ever-changing community asset.

First planned by the NSW Government way back in 1968, the Western Sydney Parklands continue to grow and today measure more than 5,280 hectares. Featuring an extensive network of picnic areas, playgrounds, cycling and walking tracks, the parklands are one of the most important community open spaces anywhere in western Sydney. Even better, their evolution of is set to continue with WSPT releasing an award-winning* 2030 masterplan last year. An ambitious blueprint for the future, it divides the parklands into 16 distinct precincts, and features an array of new recreation and infrastructure projects for the local community to enjoy. The new Bungarribee Northern Bridge is one of the first to be actioned and we’re very excited to be part of it!

*2019 AILA NSW Landscape Architecture Awards Award of Excellence (Category: Landscape Planning).

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