Aug 15 2019, by Fleetwood Urban

A coffee with Travis Lane, Project Manager

A couple of years ago, Travis Lane – a Geelong local (and Carlton fan), joined the Fleetwood team in Victoria as project manager. An enthusiastic and committed professional, Travis never rests until great results are achieved for his projects, and an exceptional client experience is delivered, helping to cement Fleetwood’s growing reputation for quality and integrity.

We sat down for a coffee with Travis to get to know him even better.

Q: Good morning Travis, thanks for your time today. You represent Fleetwood’s project team in Geelong, Victoria. What’s life like there, and how does the local community align with our outdoor focused values and vision?

A: Cheers, Roger. Well Geelong is very much a “Fleetwood city”. Our business is all about inspiring people to love the outdoors, and the Geelong community definitely embraces outdoor activities and enjoys open spaces in a big way. You can see that in the triathlons we have here, the cycling, jogging, sailing, and water sports that take place regularly as we’re situated on Corio Bay.

Fitness is very important to me personally – you know how it goes, healthy body healthy mind! I grew up playing a lot of sports – AFL and swimming primarily. Growing up on a vineyard on the Murray River  is why I love the outdoors so much. We’re really lucky to have these fantastic environments in Australia, so  everyone should enjoy it and make good use of it.

Our Fleetwood office is 200 metres from the water which is inspiring in itself, and certainly makes it convenient for a jog along the bay before or after work!

Q: Great stuff, so what’s your background, how did you come to work at Fleetwood, and what does your role entail now?

A: I started out as a landscaper and worked my way into project management. I was working with a commercial landscaping business and had the pleasure of collaborating with you when Fleetwood delivered some bridges and shelters for the company I was with at the time (Programmed Property Services – a Fleetwood client to this day).

I really liked the commitment Fleetwood showed to delivering exceptional client experiences and project outcomes across the three pillars of the business – play, shelter, and move. I saw an opportunity to do what I love most which is to exceed expectations for our clients and partners, and deliver lasting, high-quality outdoor projects that local communities can enjoy for years to come.

Now I’m a senior project manager collaborating closely with clients, architects, developers, tradies, and staff to deliver the best possible results for each and every project. It can be a high-pressure environment at times, but I believe the key is being well organised, and having the right people around to get the job done.

Q: Can you point to a project you are most proud of, and tell us what contributed to its successful project management?

A: Highlands Sustainable Park, ‘The Nest’, springs to mind. Delivered for Stockland, it was unique in reusing sustainable construction materials from various other sites in the area. We stretched the boundaries for what’s possible in terms of constructability and ended up with a highly creative space that stands alone for what it’s been able to achieve. We brought in the design company Big Fish who added great finishing touches and artistic flair to the shelters with graphic panels featuring birds of prey and ground dwellers, which really elevates the park to a higher level.

Successful project management at Highlands – or for any Fleetwood project – doesn’t happen by accident. Our DesignExecute2™  end-to-end project delivery model allows us to collaborate closely with clients from discovery, to design, to detailing all the materials needed to finally deliver projects.

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