May 23 2019, by Fleetwood Urban

A rugged coastal beauty: buggy boardwalk and pedestrian bridge at NSW Golf Course

At Fleetwood, we strive to find practical solutions to projects that involve tricky or tight environmental constraints.

The structure we recently delivered at the NSW Golf Course for Antoun Civil and Randwick City Council is a pretty good case in point. Located in La Perouse with some beautiful ocean views, the NSW Golf Course features an iconic sixth hole pathway with some rugged terrain that practically winds around to the rockpools on the shoreline.


Our task was to deliver a buggy boardwalk for golfers on the sixth hole which doubles as a pedestrian bridge for coastal walkers. The boardwalk was conceptually designed by Glenn Berrill from Thompson Berrill Landscape Design.

Constructed from premium quality sandstone and timber, our boardwalk had to blend into the natural rugged setting, while being strong and sturdy enough to stand the unforgiving environmental conditions which arise from being directly adjacent to the coastline. All the while being built into a very narrow corridor.


Certainty and quality for walkers and golfers in the local community

The project came about when the council wanted to complete a critical missing link in the Coastal Walkway to help walkers safely traverse through the golf course across the La Perouse headland.

For our team, it was all about providing the designers, Randwick City Council, and Antoun Civil with the certainty that we could manage an environmentally challenging embellishment like this to a strict timeline on budget. We also had to ensure the boardwalk would not only look great now but would have the enduring quality to still look fantastic in 10 years.


This comes down to a couple of key elements. First, a good shared understanding of the project and the right materials required, with clear communication from the get-go. Second, I think the right attitude is vital.

We took the challenges of this project and turned it into a positive, largely because by looking at the bigger picture, we know this boardwalk and bridge will be providing much-needed access for the local community of golfers and pedestrians enjoying the Coastal Walkway.

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