Standard Products

Maximise efficiencies without compromising on quality. Ideal for projects with tight timelines and budgets, we have an extensive catalogue of proven bridge and boardwalk solutions and systems. Built around standard base designs and materials, they also offer you the flexibility to add customised touches as required.

Choose from our proven pedestrian access solutions


Mars™ is our most popular elevated boardwalk solution. Versatile, lightweight, and durable, it’s ideal for use in areas that are environmentally sensitive, hard to access or remote. It’s also highly cost-effective and can be configured to almost any application.


Balmoral™ is our clear span boardwalk and pedestrian bridge solution. It’s low maintenance girder-based design is suitable for single or multi-span applications. BALMORAL™ can be easily configured to a wide variety of applications including riparian or flood zones. Fast and simple to install, all structures are pre-engineered and assembled off-site.


Bower™ is an economical track improvement solution. Its ground hugging design is lightweight, versatile, and highly durable. Maximise access and improve the useability of walking tracks with minimal disturbance to the natural landscape.


Longreach™ is our lightweight and economical truss bridge system. With pre-engineered clear spans up to 45 meters Longreach is ideal for sites where minimising environmental impact is a key consideration. Economical and fast to install, all structures are pre-engineered and assembled off-site.