Clear Span Boardwalk and Bridge System

Balmoral™ is a fast and economical bridge solution.
Available in pre-engineered clear spans of up to 24 meters.


Powerful Simplicity

Balmoral ™ is a cost-effective, low maintenance girder bridge and boardwalk solution. Suitable for single or multi-span applications, the modular system can be easily configured to a wide variety of applications and is typically used for creek and river crossings. It’s fast and simple to install, with all structures pre-engineered off-site.

  • Single spans between 6-24m
  • Pre-engineered
  • Fast installation
  • Flexible configurations
  • Suitable for flood impact zones
  • Australian standards compliant

Connecting Communities

Balmoral™ provides an outstanding choice when budgets are tight. Engineered to maximise efficiencies in both the manufacturing and installation stages, the entire superstructure is fabricated and preassembled off-site. Solutions are available in single or multi-span configurations, with individual spans ranging between 6-24 metres.

Robust and durable, Balmoral™ has a design life of up to 100 years. It is designed to deliver trouble-free usage in even the harshest of conditions. Consisting of girder beams, cross members, joists and bracing, the superstructure is engineered to withstand flood velocity and minimise waterway obstructions, making it an ideal choice for culverts, wetlands and riparian zones.

With its simple design and off-site pre-assembly, Balmoral™ significantly reduces installation times and site disruptions. Spans are delivered to your site in ready-to-install modules, saving your project time and money, while also minimising the need to close off adjacent public areas.

While it’s a modular system at heart, Balmoral™ boasts outstanding levels of project-specific flexibility. It can be tailored for either single or multi-span requirements with multiple widths, depths and decking choices, together with a collapsible balustrade option for flood zones. The spans can be curved or arched to match your site requirements. Signature embellishments can also be easily accommodated.
25 Year Structural Warranty

Your peace of mind means everything to us. That’s why Fleetwood’s design, supply and installation quality is guaranteed. As market leaders we stand behind everything we create with comprehensive warranty and care plans. This includes a 25-year structural warranty covering all materials and parts for up to a 100-year design life dependent on project type and location.

Free design support

Like all Fleetwood Urban products, Balmoral™ is backed by our free design and advice service. We understand every project has its own unique challenges, so our design engineers work closely with you at every stage to customise the perfect Balmoral™ clear span boardwalk and bridge solution.

Design Applications


Waterway crossings


Shared Pedestrian Access


Clear Span or Multi Span


Arched or Curved Design


Design for Flood Impact


Integrated ramp systems

Specification Variables

Single or Multi Span Embellishments Folding Balustrades
Decking Kick Rails Barriers and Handrails
Clear Width Column Support AS5100 or AS2156

Technical specifications


Multiple piling options for wetlands to rock - concrete, driven or screw

Complies with Australian Standard slip ratings dependant on deck type chosen (either R and/or P ratings)

Configured to suit your site

Modular or customised construction

Pre-engineered with off-site assembly

Clear spans between 6-24m or multi-span options

Suitable for pedestrian/shared use or light vehicle access

Typical loading 3kpa-5kpa

Typical width 2-4m, or customised for your requirements

Options for flood zones, balustrades, decking types, embellishments and protective coatings


Easily integrated with other Fleetwood systems

Multiple decking options

Custom balustrade options

Add embellishments or architectural options to make your project unique

Economical for small or large projects

Spans can be adjusted to suit different site conditions

Add viewing decks, kick rails, stairs or ramps


Elevated structure protects ecologically sensitive areas

Fewer footings required because of clear span capabilities

Pre-assembled off-site reducing environmental impact on-site


Low maintenance construction

Design life of up to 100 years dependent on project type and location

Select from site-specific protective coatings

Designed to withstand harsh environmental impacts, including flooding

Australian Standards Compliant

Balmoral™ can be installed to meet required Australian Standards. Contact us to discuss your needs.