Elevated boardwalk solution for tight access and environmentally sensitive locations.


High durability. Low impact.

MARS™ is our most popular elevated boardwalk system. Versatile, lightweight and durable, it’s ideal for use in areas that are environmentally sensitive, hard to access or remote. It’s also highly cost-effective and can be configured to almost any application.

  • Durable & lightweight
  • Low ongoing maintenance
  • Australian Standards compliant
  • Fast installation, minimal excavation
  • Flexible configurations
  • Highly economical

The Mars™ substructure, superstructure and decking is constructed entirely from Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP). This makes it strong, durable, and lightweight with a compact construction footprint. Touching the ground lightly, it’s the ideal choice for projects where protecting the surrounding habitat and flora is a major consideration.

With its lightweight structure and clever modular design, there’s no need for cranes, plant and machinery, trucks or piling rigs. Mars™ can be carried, positioned, and assembled almost entirely by hand. Combined with FRP piles requiring minimal in-ground penetration, it’s perfectly suited to sensitive and difficult-to-access sites.

With a design life of up to 100 years, Mars™ is an extremely low maintenance boardwalk system, designed to withstand twisting, rotting and corrosion. It offers outstanding resistance in harsh environments such as riparian zones and the acid sulphate soils of beaches, mangroves, and wetland swamps.

Mars™ combines the efficiency of a proven modular system with bespoke project-specific flexibility. It can be tailored for either single or multi-span boardwalk requirements with spans of up to 4 metres. Multiple footing options are available, ranging from soft wetlands to high level rock, with the ability to use hand excavation and piling or driven screw piles.
25 Year Structural Warranty

Your peace of mind means everything to us. That’s why Fleetwood’s design, supply and installation quality is guaranteed. This includes a 25-year structural warranty covering all materials and parts for up to a 100-year design life* on every project.

Free design support

Like all Fleetwood Urban products, MARS™ is backed by our free design and advice service. We understand every project has its own unique challenges, so our design engineers work closely with you at every stage to customise the perfect MARS™ boardwalk solution.

Design Applications


Integrated Barrier Systems


Beach Access


Kayak Ramps


Integrated Stairs


Integrated Ramps


Viewing Platforms

Specification Variables

Foundations Profile Depth Decking
Spans & Widths Kidsafe Deck Kerb Types
Type (Level/Stairs/Ramps) AS1428 Protective Coatings

Technical specifications


Multiple piling options for wetlands to high level rock, from hand excavation/piling to driven or screw piles.

The Mars™ boardwalk system complies with Australian Standard slip ratings dependant on deck type chosen (either R and/or P ratings).

Lightweight materials and modular construction.

Typical piling span 3 - 3.5m.

Typical 2 - 3kPa loading with option to extend to 4 - 5Kpa.

Typical width 1.2 - 1.8m with option to extend to 3.5m.

Choose options that align to different fall heights, classes of track class and balustrade as notated in AS2156.


Include features such as Balustrades, Kerbs, Stairs, Ramps, Viewing Platforms, Kayak Access Ramps, Beach Access.

Not restricted to modular design.

The Mars™ boardwalk system can be effortlessly integrated with our Bower™ boardwalk system. For more information please contact us on 1300 989 100 to discuss your needs.

The FRP components of the Mars™ Boardwalk System can be ordered to any RAL colour.


Elevated structure protects ecologically sensitive habitats.

Lightweight design means no need for cranes, reducing the environmental impact during installation.

Minimal excavation required for footings.


Low maintenance – no twisting, rotting, corrosion

Design life of 100 years.

Resistant to acid sulphate soils.

Design for harsh environmental effects.

Corrosion free designs available.

Australian Standards Compliant

MARS™ meets the following Australian Standards for composite boardwalks.



Walking tracks,

infrastructure design

Classes 1– 3*



Structural design actions



*site dependant