Feb 16 2022, by Fleetwood Urban

Are you losing money (and control) with too many external suppliers?

We’re all familiar with the saying, ‘one weak link can break the chain’. 

Well, when it comes to delivering major outdoor projects with multiple contractors and suppliers, it’s no wonder stakeholders can be a little nervous. There are a L-O-T of links, and each one has their own motivations, processes, timelines and opinions. It can place real pressure on your project’s supply chain resilience!


Keeping everyone on the same page can be challenging –
and, if they aren’t, your project risks can increase exponentially.

Sometimes using a range of external partners is unavoidable, due to the specialised nature or complexity of the task at hand. But for the majority of Play, Access and Shade projects, it simply isn’t necessary. Especially when you choose a partner like Fleetwood, who can deliver a centralised, end-to-end project solution – under one roof.


One team. One focus.

When it comes to delivering outstanding outdoor structures, a more streamlined and centralised project team is almost always a more effective project team. Fewer links in the chain. Fewer bottom lines. Fewer agendas. More focus on what matters most – ensuring the best possible result for you and your project. 

It’s why we continue to invest heavily in our inhouse Design, Engineering, Estimating, Fabrication, Project Management and Delivery teams, allowing us to provide a seamlessly-connected solution from Concept right through to Completion – all with one contract. The result is less risk, more focus and, almost always, better outcomes!

If Fleetwood’s centralised approach sounds like a smarter way to manage your outdoor projects in 2022, let’s talk.

The higher the stakes, the bigger the risks – and the more reasons to trust Fleetwood’s inhouse team of specialists. Contact us today. 

Esther Dickins, Director at Scott Carver, explains how Fleetwood's end-to-end team of specialists benefits their projects...

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