Aug 28 2020, by Fleetwood Urban

Bird’s eyes and brilliant bridges

Drones show Fleetwood projects from a whole new perspective

Browsing through our project list, we’ve certainly delivered a lot of bridges of late. While the constantly busy and deadline-driven nature of our Industry means it’s always tempting to move straight on to the next project, sometimes it’s nice to take a step back to reflect upon the end result. Draw breath, if you like.

A valuable new view

We’ve made a conscious decision to try and do this more at Fleetwood. One of the ways we’ve been doing it is by flying camera drones over some of our more recent NSW bridge projects and then reviewing the images together. As you can see, below, the aerial views have been stunning!

While, yes, it’s fun to see our work from such a different perspective, it’s also been a really enlightening experience – especially for our design team. By ‘zooming out’ on these recently completed projects, we’ve been able to critically analyse how they’ll benefit the people who use them and how they’ll help transform local communities by opening up previously inaccessible patches of land. 

Just as importantly, we’re also able to draw a far better visual understanding of the ways our different bridges and structures sit within their surroundings. It’s all vital information and learning that enriches our collective knowledge for future projects – something that has the potential to benefit both us and our clients for many years to come.

Woolooware Pedestrian Bridge 

Location: Woolooware
Client: Parkview
Completion: 30 June 2020


International Peace Park Bridge

Location: Seven Hills
Client: Blacktown City Council
Completion: 17 July 2020


Lizard Log Park Bridge

Location: Lizard Log Park
Client: McGregor Coxall
Completion: Mid 2019


Oxlade North Kellyville Bridge 

Location: Oxlade Street, North Kellyville
Completion: Mid 2019


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