Jun 07 2019, by Fleetwood Urban

Bringing a creative vision to life with AILA and Spiire

There’s nothing better than a learning event where the audience is truly engaged and encouraged to ask lots of questions, while industry experts share back experiences for the benefit of everyone.

That’s exactly what took place on May 23, when Fleetwood was thrilled to sponsor a studio talk held at our partner Spiire’s Melbourne office. The event is part of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) calendar series.


Fleetwood’s Project Manager and Design Lead, Travis Lane and Joel Watson were in attendance along with Spiire Landscape Architects Matthew Bradbury, Matt York, and Simon Vive.

Drawing on two projects where we collaborated with Spiire: Aurora Entry Park and Highlands Sustainable Park, we talked through the core processes involved in bringing a designer’s vision to life – from the early ideation stages right through to final construction and implementation on site.


“Sharing experiences within our industry and delivering real-world practical advice is a big priority for Fleetwood. This was an important opportunity to do just that with our friends at Spiire and AILA, highlighting some great work and the stories behind their vision and construction.”
Ian Joyce, Director – Fleetwood 

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