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Enduring partnership on show at Balfour Avenue Bridge

Great partnerships stand the test of time. In evidence, we’re happy to announce that Fleetwood has won another project with the Hills Shire Council following our positive track-record delivering projects for their local community for 20+ years. And counting!

This design and construction project is for a cable-stayed bridge over Smalls Creek in Beaumont Hills, partnering closely with both the council and Sydney Water to approve the design. It follows several bridges we’ve delivered over other sections of Smalls Creek in the last few years, including the most recent at White Gum Place which will be replicated at Balfour Avenue (pictured above). 


“Balfour Avenue Bridge is testament to our long-term partnership with the Hills Shire Council built on mutual trust and real-world practical advice. For two decades, we’ve been working together, and we look forward to delivering more high-quality, durable products for the local community to enjoy for many years to come.”
Ian Joyce, Director

On-site: the planned bridge location
Planned site for the Balfour Avenue Bridge.

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