May 24 2022 (at Zoom)

Timber Maintenance: Optimising outdoor structures

Hot on the heels of our recent ‘Why Wood Works’ webinar, we’ve arranged a special follow-up industry round table Zoom event.

When: Tuesday 24 May 2022, 9am – 10am

Once again, the theme is hardwood timber. But this time our expert panel be taking a far more focused look at the maintenance of hardwood timber structures – something we know generates plenty of debate within Australian communities.

Our industry panel will include two of Australia’s most experienced timber durability specialists – Professor Jeffrey Morrell and Colin MacKenzie. Together with Jamie Franklin from Sunshine Coast Council and our Senior Design Technician Mark Jol, they’ll be discussing specific strategies for maximising the design life of outdoor timber structures, while also significantly minimising the time and cost needed for ongoing maintenance.

Read the summary and watch the recording here