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Everyone’s invited: our commitment to ‘Everyone Can Play’

It’s great to see this excellent initiative from the NSW Government Department of Planning and Environment, which has just released a new guideline for creating inclusive playspaces.

Rightly named ‘Everyone Can Play’, it’s a best practice resource for councils, community leaders, landscape architects, and local residents. All of who can use the guidelines as a reference for creating world-class playspaces designed to include everyone in the community. It’s about recognising that play is for everyone, no matter what your age, ability, or cultural background.

“Creating accessible and welcoming spaces for everyone in the local community to enjoy for years to come is one of our highest priorities at Fleetwood. We are committed to consulting, discussing, and using the new ‘Everyone Can Play’ guidelines, which are an essential platform for creating happy, inclusive playspaces where everyone and anyone, regardless of background or ability, can enjoy the facilities on offer.”
Ian Joyce, Director

At Fleetwood, we’ve long been dedicated to access and inclusivity with playspaces we’ve created – Wild Play Gardens at Centennial Park, and Nature’s Playground at Adelaide Zoo are perfect examples. And we’re excited to deliver amazing new spaces into the future where everyone can have fun, create lasting memories, and most importantly feel equal, accepted, and welcome

New guidelines for 2019 and beyond from the NSW Government

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