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Farewell 2019. Hello 2020.

With the end of 2019 just days away, we wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for supporting Fleetwood Urban over the past 12 months. It’s certainly been another busy year for us, filled with fascinating challenges, wonderful opportunities and some truly inspiring projects – each united by our common goal of motivating Australians to embrace and enjoy the outdoors. Whatever your plans for the festive season, we trust it will be a safe and very happy one for and your family.


While the Christmas and New Year period is always a time to pause and reflect, this year carries even more significance. It marks the end of the 49th year of our family business, which was started by our father, Phil Joyce, way back in 1970. We’ve come a long way since then of course, and as Directors we’ve found the journey inspirational.


2019 has been a benchmark year for Fleetwood Urban. In many ways, it’s also been the perfect microcosm of the past 49 years. We’ve collaborated with clients, communities and councils on an extraordinary cross-section of projects, ranging from the boutique to the truly epic. There have been plenty of highlights, just some of these include:

1. Firmly establishing our footprint in Victoria while also kicking off a fantastic new team in Queensland

2. Building our Delivery Team into a force that is now capable of delivering projects across three states (VIC, NSW, QLD) plus the ACT

3. Actively involved in delivering one of the first projects of the NSW Government’s ‘Everyone Can Play’ initiative

4. Refining our in-house Integrated Management System to help deliver even greater efficiencies and client outcomes

5. Winning multi-year supply and delivery contracts for various Access, Play and Shade structures, on a number of large greenfield developments in NSW, VIC and QLD, and

6. Completed over 80 projects including Access structures, bespoke Play structures, and Shade structures, across the East Coast of Australia.

There have been plenty of highlights throughout the year and we’re excited to deliver these throughout 2020 and beyond!


Of course, time stands still for no one, and no business. So as challenging and rewarding as our past has been, we’re firmly focused on the next 50 years – starting with 2020.

In the coming year, for example, you can expect to see continued investment as we drive our delivery capacity and market share even higher across QLD, VIC and NSW.

Operationally, we’ll be dedicating significant training resources into our Commercial Team to bolster our estimating and procurement processes, as well as introducing a new accounting and project management software system which will greatly streamline our accounting and project management processes.

Creatively, plans are well advanced to further expand the size, skill base and capacity of our in-house design team. While at a business development level, we’ll very shortly be launching major new customer satisfaction and referral program initiatives, and expanding on the tremendous success of our interactive Outdoor Showcase events.

The New Year certainly looms as one of the most significant and exciting ever for Fleetwood Urban. Thank you again for all your support in 2019. We look forward to sharing even more great news, projects and ideas in 2020 and beyond. Happy Holidays!

Ian & Roger Joyce


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