Apr 10 2020, by Fleetwood Urban

Feel the Breeze

Creating a new community greenspace in Sydney’s booming south west

Everywhere you look, Sydney’s south-west corridor is a hive of greenfield development. We’ve recently been involved with one of the region’s largest new developments at Edmondson Park South between Liverpool and Campbelltown. Marketed as ‘New Breeze’, it’s given us the opportunity to once again collaborate with our long-term partners at Place Design Group, and deliver for Civil Contractor TRN Group. The expansive 88ha site – acquired by developer Dahua, from UrbanGrowth NSW in 2015 – features products including the ‘Gum Leaf’ shelter suite, our Balmoral™ bridges, and custom ‘wave-shaped’ balustrading.


‘Off-the shelf’ products with simple customisations

Place Design Group created the landscape masterplan for the entire new community at Edmondson Park South (including New Breeze and two other precincts). Our first step was to sit down with their project team from planning stage to better understand the full scope and overall design intent. We were tasked with helping design and deliver a suite of products that was unique to New Breeze.

Wherever possible our team always looks at ways we can utilise our off-the-shelf products to suit the design intent, either just as they come standard, or with simple customisation. Our work at New Breeze is a perfect example of that, where we have implemented our Balmoral™ bridge product with a customised balustrade to make the standard product unique to New Breeze. By doing this we are able to achieve the design intent whilst keeping the product as cost-efficient as possible


Inspired by the past. Created for the future.

Place Design Group’s vision was all about paying tribute to the site’s rich history in a way that could be enjoyed by future generations. Within Edmondson Park South sits the heritage site of the old Ingleburn Army Camp. It’s a place of remembrance and it was this heritage, along with elements of the natural environment, shaping their landscape design inspiration. Interpreting the history in a subtle yet clever way while integrating elements seamlessly into their local context was critical.

Collaboration, from design to delivery.

After working closely with the team at Place Design Group during the early concept stages, we used our DesignExecute2™ delivery model to guide the rest of the project right through to completion. We continued to engage with their team where required, as well as the end-client Dahua and the project’s civil contractor, TRN Group, throughout the design detailing, material selection, manufacturing and installation stages. Looking back, this teamwork was really important to keep things moving efficiently, troubleshoot potential problems and ensure the very best outcomes while staying on budget. All in all, it was a remarkably smooth process.

Nick Ison, Design Principal at Place Design Group, explains, “close collaboration is key when designing bespoke shelters and other furniture elements to ensure you get the best designed results for the space and the community that will be using it. There are typically some value management issues to be addressed and this project was no exception. We knew Fleetwood Urban had the technical know-how to reduce costs without compromising on the design aesthetic of the original idea.”


Rising to every challenge.

With so many bespoke elements to be delivered, we certainly had to keep on our toes from start to finish, especially given the sheer scale of the new community Edmondson Park South. Fortunately, managing these types of projects has always been one of our strengths.

“Having worked on many large sites, one of the biggest challenges on a project that contains multiple stages, spanning over many years, is to deliver the elements in a cohesive and coherent way so the original vision is not adversely compromised over time.” reflects Nick Ison.

“We’ve been using Fleetwood Urban now for many years, so it was an easy decision,” continues Nick. “They provide the perfect conduit between the designer’s vision and the main civil contractor responsible for the delivery of the overall project. They understand both sides of the contract and work hard to deliver the best version of the original vision to program and on budget.”

The New Breeze project is nearing completion and we’re absolutely delighted with the result, as are our project partners at Place Design Group and Dahua. “The original design scheme pushed some boundaries with the choice of materials and paint finishes,” says Nick Ison. “Although some of the finer details had to be removed due to budget constraints, the final outcome looks fantastic and the overall feedback from the key stakeholders has been extremely positive.”


Why design a bridge from the ground-up, when you can contact us to simply use a standard pre-design product either straight out of the box, or with simple customisations? The team is here, ready to collaborate!

We thank Dahua, Place Design Group and TRN Group for including us on this journey and look forward to delivering products as the development stages continue to roll out.

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