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Fleetwood’s inaugural Outdoor Showcase rewards all with shared learnings

On Friday May 10, we held our inaugural Outdoor Showcase event in Sydney. We had the pleasure of organising and hosting an educational and action-packed day-long event with a range of clients and partners, visiting four locations to illustrate the depth and quality of prominent outdoor projects in NSW with which we’ve been so fortunate to be involved.

“It was an excellent opportunity to show our partners from Queensland and Victoria what we’ve been doing in Sydney. We wanted to enhance their appreciation of our abilities and capacity. Of course, we also wanted to make sure the day added value to what they deliver in their own businesses. It was important that the projects we chose were completed 2+ years ago because we wanted to show the quality product that we build. It lasts and weathers beautifully”
Roger Joyce, Director, Fleetwood

From coastland to parkland

Our interstate guests started the day at the iconic Bondi Beach to inspect the Bondi Beach Shelters we helped build. Robert Sabato, Project Manager at Waverley Council, presented to our guests about the structures which offer incredible views of the park, beach and pavilion.

We then moved onto the inspiring Wild Play Gardens in Centennial Parklands, where Sacha Coles, Studio Director of ASPECT Studios described the process behind this ground-breaking playspace we were honoured to help bring to life.

It was soon time to transport our group to beautiful Middle Creek Reserve on Sydney’s northern beaches. Following a relaxed lunch, we were given a tour of the striking Narrabeen Lagoon Bridge, expertly guided by our design partner, the project’s landscape architect Glenn Berrill of Thompson Berrill Landscape Design. Our final destination was the colourful and award-winning Bungarribee Super Park in Western Sydney Parklands featuring a stunning weather-proof play tower, swing frames and various shelters we helped create. Oriana Senese, Manager of Design & Strategy at Western Sydney Parklands presented to our group about the strategy that informed the project’s design.

Discussing the design of the Narrabeen Lagoon bridge.

“There is a certain amount of disconnect between designers and contractors. The more designers understand construction issues the better future designs and outcomes will be. It also helps to understand the concerns of local authorities and local residents around projects and some of the issues that can be anticipated on future projects.”
Outdoor Showcase client feedback

This event was all about learning, relaxing and enjoying the day as much as possible, so our group jumped at the chance to have some fun on the Bungarribee play tower we helped build, even trying out the giant slides! Before we knew it, the Outdoor Showcase had come to an end and it was time to head home.

We were pumped that our guests gave us a day of their time and from the feedback we received during (and post) the day, an enjoyable and informative time was had by all!

Looking over Western Sydney Parklands from the Bungarribee Play Tower.

Stay tuned for more Outdoor Showcases in other states

Would we do it all again? Absolutely. In fact, watch this space as we’re already planning similar events in other locations, and we want to make them even better.

Our intention is to further showcase how much we enjoy supporting our design partners and clients in bringing a creative vision to life, offering high-quality structural pieces of immense value to people in our communities who love the great outdoors.

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