Jan 21 2019, by Fleetwood Urban

Introducing our new look and online experience

As we enter the new year, here at Fleetwood we’re pleased to unveil our brand-new look, along with a fully transformed website. Take a look around and let us know what you think. As a window into the process, I put this article together, along with some pictures from our recent web site photo shoot.


A visual articulation and evolution of DesignExecute

The outcome is what you’d call in the trade a “brand refresh”, and it’s been a fascinating process for us. But rest assured, it’s not about a new logo for the sake of it. Everything has been redesigned with you – our clients and partners – in mind.

The ‘story behind the story’ is that in 2018 we invested in reenergising and evolving our client engagement model. Now called DesignExecute2 (or DE2), it places a renewed emphasis on transparency, customer satisfaction, and the delivery of great experiences.

DE2 now underpins the entire end-to-end process Fleetwood offers: from your first consultation with us, to the work that happens at our Design Engineering Hub in Pyrmont, to the build and construction phase, and to final delivery on site – all delivered with customer-focused project management along each step of the journey.


To dive a little deeper into it (for all the strategy nerds out there): these DE2 processes of ours have been fine-tuned to remove the gaps between architectural intent, engineering functionality, and final installation. Drawing as needed on our set of flexible, end-to-end, design-led engineering processes, we’re now able to more quickly and confidently develop your original vision into a much-loved experience in the community. To that end, we’re looking forward to using DE2 to work even more seamlessly and collaboratively with all of our partners – whether you’re a landscape architect, developer, contractor, or local council member. And that – in a nutshell – is what our new look is all about.


Welcome to a new era of experiences worth discovering and sharing

To celebrate this evolution in our business, we went and reviewed our brand positioning, developed a new logo and brand identity, and revamped our website. To do this, we partnered with a creative design and strategy company and their community of brand experts, designers, and writers. If you’ll allow me a bit of theatrical license, you could even say our new look ushers Fleetwood into the DE2 era! Going forward, we’re shaping ourselves even more definitively around the needs of the market. From our beginnings, Fleetwood has always been focused on customer experience. Building positive client and partner relationships is in our DNA. So, while what you see here – embodied in our new logo and website – is an evolution and an outward expression of DE2, it also serves to align us internally. It’s the bedrock that allows Fleetwood to deliver you more consistently great experiences.

Our intentions are to make everything you do with Fleetwood easier, more enjoyable, and ultimately more valuable for your stakeholders.

We hope you find our new web site helpful and intuitive, it’s been designed to place your needs at the hub of everything we do. Once again, feel free to take a look around at the Process or Products sections. We’d love to know your thoughts on the look, feel, and functionality.


What inspires Fleetwood every day?

Our new Fleetwood brand positioning is simply ‘experiences worth discovering and sharing’. It’s not just about the final product: the bridge, the playground, or the public space. Every point of engagement with Fleetwood along your journey with us – from the first phone call, to the design phase, to each project meeting – should feel like a good experience worth discovering and sharing. That’s our renewed ethos. It’s a powerful and unifying principle for Fleetwood, and we’re eager to coalesce around it. The first outcome is the Fleetwood website, but you’ll soon see the new brand rolled out across signage, site crews, and just about everything else. Most importantly – we hope the reenergised spirit of the Fleetwood brand comes alive in your daily interactions with us. Register your email address with us to receive fresh news as soon as it lands on our journal. Thanks for coming along with us on the journey. We look forward to creating more world-class structures with you, projects that serve the community well, and remain as close to your original ideas as humanly possible!


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