Feb 18 2021, by Mikaela Trimmer (Marketing & Events Coordinator)

Meet The Team: Hamish Abraham, Project Leader

Hamish is one of the newest members of Fleetwood Urban, having joined our Business Development team at the beginning of 2021. Based out of our Brisbane offices as a Project Leader, Hamish is quickly becoming a familiar face on our projects in and around South-East Queensland. We recently caught up to learn a little more about his background and approach to his new role at Fleetwood. Over to you, Hamish…


The best part of my job?

I love working with people, and ultimately helping to make their dreams come true.

The trickiest part of my job?

Patience, you can never have enough.

Career highlight to date?

I began working in the Customer Service game when I was just 15. Eight years after that I launched an interiors business called Austratus (solid timber and aluminium acoustic walls and ceilings). Taking the business from nothing to something was hugely satisfying.

How do I spend my spare time?

Hiking and exploring. Spending time with my family. 

Three words to describe me?

Ambitious. Obliging. Trustworthy.

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