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2050 Vision: What does the future hold for our industry?

We live in an age of unprecedented change where it can be hard to predict next week, let alone next decade. But if human history has taught us anything, it’s that bold, provocative and ...

Ballast Point Park

When the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority acquired a contaminated former lubricant production site at Birchgrove, it wanted to transform the 2.5-hectare foreshore into an iconic new pu ...


Little more than an abandoned mining site since the 1970s, the ‘Camí de les Guixeres’ scenic path today sits high on the outskirts of Igualada, 65km west of Barcelona.

CẦU VÀNG - Golden Bridge

The first time most people lay eyes upon the enchanting Cầu Vàng, or ‘Golden Bridge’, they assume it’s CGI or perhaps even a leftover prop from Avatar or Lord of the Rings. But ...

City Views

When discussing urban planning in Australia, there are few authorities more qualified to comment than Professor Rob Adams. Fleetwood Urban was delighted to speak with Rob recently from h ...

Climate for Change

2019 saw Climate and Biodiversity Emergency Declarations made by both the International Federation of Landscape Architects and its local sibling, the Australian Institute of Landscape Ar ...

Developing the value

Sustainability Manager, Rory Martin, discusses the challenges, opportunities and inspirations from his role with Frasers Property Australia.

Former BP Terminal

Between 1920 and 1996, Waverton Peninsula was home to one of the largest fuel-processing facilities anywhere in Australia. That all changed in the early 2000s, thanks to a game-changing ...

Future Shaper

Q&A with Kirsten Bauer, Director at ASPECT Studios and Adjunct Professor at the RMIT School of Architecture & Urban Design, Member of the inaugural Birrarung Council.

Hello Future: Tech Trends We Are Watching in 2020

They say if you’re not looking ahead you’ll soon be left behind. Given the rapid and accelerating pace of change in today’s business landscape, it’s perhaps never been more relev ...

Industry Inspiration: Philip Coxall

Brimming with energy. Overflowing with anecdotes. It’s been well over thirty years since Philip Coxall, now 66, took a giant leap into the unknown to pursue a career in the fledgling p ...

It All Comes Out In The (Green)Wash

When completed in 2010, the design of the 43-storey ‘Strata’ residential tower at Elephant & Castle set tongues wagging with its triumvirate of commanding 9-metre integrated wind ...

Mind Matters

Exploring the concept of ‘adaptability’ with Liam Burnell, Research Scientist at UK-based performance psychology firm, Mindflick

NESCIOBRUG - Nescio Bridge

Suspension bridges are nothing especially new. Unless you happen to be in the Netherlands, that is, where the ground is notoriously soft, a natural phenomenon that presents all sorts of ...

Pollinator Paths

Bees are, arguably, the champions of biodiversity. Yet faced with the rising threat of habitat loss and climate change, their numbers are declining across the developed world.

Rus Lima (Ghost Train Park)

Started in 1986, but never finished, it was an abandoned railway line for over twenty years. That all changed in 2010 when Rus Lima, otherwise known as  Ghost Train Park, opened followi ...

Shades of Green: Maximising stand out with iconic outdoor spaces

Australia’s city fringes remain a hive of greenfield development. In fact, according to the Planning Institute of Australia1, we continue to be one of the fastest producers of resident ...

State of Play

Right across Australia, the sands of urban planning are shifting. But where exactly are they shifting to? And what should we, as an industry, be conscious of?

Staying adaptable in a ‘VUCA’ world: 9 key insights

Over recent years, global consultancy ROLAND BERGER have conducted extensive studies into the issues surrounding business adaptability.

Study Meets Reality

University remains the most common pathway into the Industry for landscape architects and urban designers. But how big is the leap from ‘student’ to ‘professional’ in 2020? To fi ...

Taking A Global View

Exclusive interview with Dr Ed Wall, Academic Portfolio Lead, Landscape and Urbanism, University of Greenwich in London.

Theatre of Dreams

Exclusive interview with Amalie Muff Enevoldsen from globally-acclaimed Danish play space creators, MONSTRUM.

Three of the best: Sustainability Case Studies

Social challenges such as climate change, subsidence, CO2 emissions and the scarcity of fossil fuels require new, sustainable solutions.

What does it mean to be ‘green’?

Professor Sara Wilkinson’s career began in the UK as a chartered surveyor in the mid-1980s. Today, she is a global authority on sustainable building and development and Australia’s f ...

What's Your ‘AQ’?

Plan changes. Curve balls. Oversights. Stuff ups. Whatever you prefer to call them, it’s safe to say we’ve all seen them happen. Challenges are pretty much inevitable when you’re w ...

Woods of Net

The striking ‘Woods of Net’ is a permanent art and play installation at the hugely popular Hakone Open Air Museum, 100km south of Tokyo.