Aug 11 2021, by Fleetwood Urban

The Power of Custom Play.

Humans are hard-wired to notice new and novel things. Whether we’re young or old, it’s those experiences we’ve never seen before that consistently excite, stimulate and intrigue us most. Conversely, familiar things are more likely to be easily ignored or forgotten.

Scientists have shown this creative curiosity is very real and no coincidence. It’s a vital part of the human condition that helps us grow and learn – both as individuals and as communities. It also helps to explain why kids are drawn so strongly to custom-designed play structures!


Imagination and individuality.

For more than 15 years, Fleetwood has been delivering original Play experiences for some of Australia’s most ambitious and creative-minded landscape architects, developers and councils. (You can view some of our award-winning Play structures here).

One such council is Hawkesbury City, in Sydney’s north-west. They’ve engaged Fleetwood to design and deliver several custom structures in recent years and they couldn’t be happier. “We don’t mind custom at all, especially the fact that it brings a real uniqueness to a project,” says Craig Johnson, Parks Project Officer with Hawkesbury City Council. “With a custom design we can actually provide some individuality and tell a story about the place, rather than just say ‘here’s a playground, go play’. It allows us to provide far more imaginative play and make it more meaningful to the whole community. When you buy off-the-shelf it’s all the same.”


100% original. 100% awesome.

As you might expect, Mark Jol, Lead Design Technician at Fleetwood Urban shares similarly strong views on the value of custom Play. “Cast your mind back to when you were growing up,” says Mark. “What caught your attention most? Familiar experiences you’d seen and done a thousand times before? Or the shiny new ones that were unique and different?” 

“Delivering community play structures is exactly the same,” Mark continues. “The more creative and novel the design, the more long-term benefit it has for the kids, the more appeal it has for families to come and visit, and the better the outcome for the whole community. You simply don’t get that from a catalogue-ordered playground which is basically just bolting together standardised parts and equipment. When you partner with Fleetwood, you can be confident your community is getting a true original, an awesome ‘one-of-a-kind’ play experience that will never be repeated. It’s 100% unique to you.”

Who isn’t hard-wired to love that?

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