Mar 18 2021, by Fleetwood Urban

One vision. Two Bridges. No compromise.

Early involvement delivers custom bridge solutions for Bayside Council’

“The sooner, the better.” That’s invariably our response when asked what the best time is to get Fleetwood involved in public infrastructure projects. Our recently-completed collaboration with DesignInc at Muddy Creek in Sydney’s south provides the perfect example.

Delivered as part of a wider multi-million dollar ‘M6 Offset’ project for Bayside Council and Transport for NSW, the Muddy Creek brief saw us modify our off-the-shelf Longreach™ truss bridge system to seamlessly meet the brief, budget and timeline.

Just as importantly, we were able to achieve the original creative intent of the design team, led by Landscape Architect and Principal at DesignInc, Steven Holmes.


“Time and again we see the rich value in early involvement on projects”, said Fleetwood Project Manager, Alby Kuswara.

“The design of the bridges at Muddy Creek called for custom perforated panelling featuring a grass pattern to help them blend into the natural surroundings. By working closely with Steven and the DesignInc team, as well as the project specifiers, SMEC, we built an excellent understanding of the overall objectives – and then shaped a solution to deliver them without going to the expense or complexity of having to create an entirely new solution.”

As Alby explains, the result was a real win-win for everyone involved. “By engaging Fleetwood earlier in the project, it really made the rest of the ‘upstream’ process so much easier. Initially we were able to help refine the overall design approach. We then tested several creative modifications to our existing Longreach™ system, as well as the most suitable ways to deliver it on site. The entire design and construct process was very smooth with the end result being two wonderful new community bridges that are entirely in keeping with the original creative thinking.”

The $1 million+ project at Muddy Creek is now complete, with the second of the bridges recently opened to the public.


Sooner is always better.

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Learn more about our Longreach™ bridge system here.

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