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From boardwalks, pedestrian bridges and cycle paths to playground shelters and equipment, we believe a great outcome is always built on great process. That’s why we asked clients and industry thought leaders about their specific pain points on projects – and then set about creating an inhouse delivery model to eliminate them. The result was DesignExecute2™.

  • Consistently accurate cost forecasts from the master-plan stage forward.
  • Assurances that design aesthetics are structurally viable.
  • One centralised project team oversees all functions from conceptual engineering to completion on site.
  • Ability to follow all 4 stages, or individual stages as required.


This short video explains more about the DesignExecute2™ process, including the key ways it helps to deliver your project with maximum confidence, quality and efficiency.

We created our own 4 Stage delivery model that resolves the key pain points

1 Discover

During this phase, you present an outline of the structure or place you want to create. It doesn’t matter if it’s rough or polished, because our team at the Design Engineering Hub is there to provide direction and inspiration through discovery meetings, creative catch-ups and email. This means you can be assured of having consistent and accurate costs forecasts throughout the entire project.

2 Develop

With a clearer idea of possible design approaches, it’s time to concentrate on achieving the overall aesthetic within your allocated budget. We’ll collaborate with you to review the finer details including suitable materials, cost feasibility and construction methods. The project will then be workshopped, refined and visualised by our team so you have a clear understanding of exactly what the outcome will look and feel like.

3 Detail

This is where your project really starts to come to life. By combining all the sketches, thoughts, and knowledge from the previous two phases we create the specific materials needed to move everything forward. These include engineering drawings, design certifications, geotechnical investigation reports and more. Ultimately, this ensures your finished structure will come together faster, be more efficient and function more reliably.

4 Deliver

Now we transition seamlessly to our state-of-the-art fabrication workshop, to construct and pre-assemble the key elements of your project. Our designers remain directly involved to ensure all manufacturing decisions complement the agreed aesthetic choices. Once delivered to the site, our construction crews work alongside the design, manufacturing and pre-assembly teams to ensure the details of your vision are all perfectly realised.

Put DesignExecute2™ to work on your next project.

With award-winning capabilities in Play, Access and Shade projects – all backed by our market-leading DesignExecute2™ delivery model – we know we can deliver brilliantly on your next project. Follow the links, below, to find out more.

Matt York, Spiire