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Boardwalks - Bridges

Economical structure for either single or multi-span boardwalk and bridge requirements with spans of 4 – 25m. The Balmoral typically has a deck atop of the beams, the superstructure consists of girder beams, cross members, joists and bracing with a wide array of material options. Depending on the structure height and application there are various balustrade / handrail and kick rail options and allows for embellishments and other design features to be easily added to the structure.


  • Substructure: Concrete footings / Timber / Steel / Concrete Piles
  • Superstructure: Steel / timber / FRP
  • Decking: Timber / FRP / Composite / Concrete
  • Balustrade / Embellishments: Gal / Painted / Stainless / Timber

Meet the DesignerBy Fleetwood

Our Fleetwood design team at the Hub bring the most value to projects during the feasibility and concept stages because this is when we’ll create prototypes to test materiality and construction techniques to ensure your design aspirations are achieved. And because we care about maintaining the initial design intent, we always carry out projects end-to-end to ensure we deliver the highest quality.

The Design Engineering Hub is a hive of activity because this is where your ideas come to life. Collaborating with landscape architects, urban planners, and artists, everyone here is committed to achieving beautiful design, whether it’s a small bespoke project or a multi-million-dollar installation. Because of our range of in-house expertise, we often take on the principal design leadership role on many projects.