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Restrooms - Shelters

Beaches is a simple shelter: timeless in shape, functional to the brief, and simple in production and installation. The key design feature is the play with the energy of sunlight and its shadow projections within the pavilion. The sunlight is broken through timber or aluminium battens in the ceiling of the pavilion to project shadow lines within the structure that change in shape throughout the day as the earth is spinning. The robust steel frame with its distinct pitching roof can adjust to its unique environments, surrounding landscape and build form. Various combinations are possible with only one base design. The roof pitch can be linear in one direction but can also be arranged in distinct M, X and A shaped form.


  • Frame: Steel (Painted / Gal)
  • Roof: Colorbond / Polycarbonate
  • Soffit / Sunscreens: Miniorb / Timber / Aluminium
  • Column Infill: Timber / Painted
  • Fasteners: Galvanised / Stainless Steel

Meet the DesignerGeorg Petzold RLA AILA

Georg is a German trained landscape architect with over 15 years of professional experience in the design and construction industry. His portfolio extends from small to large-scale projects in Australia, Asia and Europe. Georg is passionate about design and able to deliver complex projects.

Working with Fleetwood

Fleetwood brings something unique to the market in that the products are flexible structures able to be easily adapted to clients’ needs and site specific conditions.

Simple fabrication and installation due to modular nature of the product. This helps everybody, particularly clients that need the certainty of a simple purchase and delivery process.

The products are designed by landscape architects and architects in collaboration with engineers and manufacturers. This ensures a high-end product that is elegant but also simple in production.

Each Fleetwood product can be a simple, affordable structure but is able to be spec’d up to high end finishes (just like buying a car).