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Restrooms - Shelter

Leios, meaning ‘slender’ in Greek, is approachable, defined and easily recognisable. As a public and shared resource, this structure is robust and strong, yet allows for a range of uses. Leios is an opportunity for the designers to refine their ongoing approach to public architecture that is direct and lean, while being exciting and elegant.


  • Frame: Steel (Painted / Gal)
  • Roof: Colorbond / polycarbonate
  • Soffit: Miniorb / timber / aluminium
  • Column Infill: Timber / painted
  • Fasteners: Galvanised / stainless steel
  • Cubicle: FC sheeting
  • Cladding: Miniorb / timber / aluminium
  • Interior: Stainless steel

Meet the DesignerBenjamin Driver and Adrian Chan

We have worked on a range of public domain projects at varying scales. It is this combined experience that brings a sensible and considered approach to designing a family of products. We are aware that the elements must be timeless and enduring, and complete an iterative design process which is wholly collaborative with Fleetwood to achieve a beautiful outcome.

The ability to integrate architectural design with modular cost-sustainable production is significant – It makes this public and community infrastructure accessible.

Fleetwood is exciting for us. It creates a legacy of enduring public architecture with a range of features which makes occupation and enjoyment of our public spaces better for all in our communities.