Bunda Street Public Domain

“A vibrant new public space in the beating heart of Canberra”

Executive Summary

Located in the heart of the Canberra CBD, Bunda Street Public Domain sets new standards for pedestrian-friendly spaces. Fleetwood was a key collaborator in the award-winning plaza that’s now used by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, 24/7, creating a lively new forum for community events and festivals.


Roads ACT





Design Partners

McGregor Coxall & GTA Consultants

Scope of Work

Deliver, Detail, Develop, Discover

Fleetwood Involvement

From very early on, we worked hand in hand with the project team to provide key expertise during the design, manufacturing and installation phases. We fabricated many important elements of the Public Domain using our in-house workshops, including seating, lounges, parklets, deflector cells and bollards. Using DesignExecute2™ we were able to plan, manufacture and install the individual components of the project while always maintaining the integrity of the original McGregor Coxall design. Construction-wise, we used a combination of raw Spotted Gum and thick chequer plate steel to produce a series of bespoke street furniture. Our carpenters carefully fitted each timber piece in our assembly facility, while our team of boiler makers used precision laser cutters to hand-craft the steel elements before assembling and trial-fitted all components and deliver the assemblies to Bunda Street for final installation.


Award Name Location Year
PIA ACT Planning Award - 'The Hard Won Victory' Bunda Street Public Domain 2014