By George!

“Bringing an award-winning social experiment to life in Sydney’s CBD”


City of Sydney





Design Partners

ASPECT Studios

Scope of Work

Deliver, Detail, Develop, Discover

Executive Summary

Part sculpture, part social experiment. Fleetwood Urban was engaged to bring this award-winning art installation to life in the Little Hunter Street laneway in Sydney’s CBD.


Fleetwood Involvement

Fleetwood’s role was to take the creativity of the original design vision and shape it into an inspired socially-engaging reality. Working with ASPECT Studios, the space was effectively created through the construction of 2 four-metre high walls, using fabric with an opacity that offered curiously obscured views through to the surrounding building façades and unused parts of the laneway. At night, the experience was further intensified as the beautifully-lit fabric created silhouettes exposing the movement of people as they walked through the laneway.

More Project Information


This unique architectural sculpture, also known as ‘The Meeting Place’, was designed by ASPECT Studios as part of a social experiment to heighten the experience of walking through Sydney’s CBD. Colourful, tactile and intriguing, the focus of the design was to foster greater social interaction between individuals using the popular inner city laneway. To do this, the curved structure intentionally narrowed in the middle, increasing the need for positive human contact amongst laneways users.


Maintaining the creative integrity of the original concept was vital. The physical delivery of the installation needed to be endearingly simple and richly engaging for passers-by. It also needed to be safe and highly durable given its public, outdoor location.


The installation was the first of its type to be seen in Sydney’s inner city laneways. We’re happy to say it wasn’t the last as it inspired many future creative artworks and installations, both privately and publicly funded.


  • Flowing fabric walls, narrowing at the centre
  • Bespoke lighting system

  • Mild steel
  • Shade cloth
  • Stainless steel

The intentionally hands-on nature of the design meant the structure and materials had to be engineered to safely withstand frequent and vigorous use.


After the art installation was taken down, the components were recycled into items that could be used by local community groups.


Social engagement was the entire premise for the installation. It was created in such a way that it encouraged laneway users to observe, acknowledge, communicate and negotiate their way through the sculpture.


The powerful combination of word of mouth and social media quickly saw the laneway become a must-see inner city destination, drawing people out of nearby offices, shops and bars to experience the installation for themselves.



Award Name Location Year
AILA NSW Awards – Design By George! 2010