Cardinia Village

“Connecting the local community, preserving the local environment”

Executive Summary

Cardinia Village is a new residential community, 50km southeast of Melbourne. Marketed to first home buyers and young families, research conducted by the local Cardinia Shire Council identified easy access to the local parklands as a key consideration for potential residents. Working directly with landscape architects, Tract Consultants, Fleetwood was engaged to deliver an environmentally sensitive new shelter, boardwalk and bridge crossing for the Cardinia Village community.


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Design Partners

Tract Consultants

Scope of Work

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Fleetwood Involvement

From the outset we knew delivering the original design to budget would be a challenge. Material selection was vital, so to maximise the available funds without compromising quality, we recommended using many of our own standard in-house components. This included our unique Waterside™ product – a modular, light-weight construction option ideal for projects of this nature. The site’s 25-metre long, 2.5 metre wide pedestrian bridge and 11-metre long boardwalk also incorporated Australian hardwoods, galvanised steel, fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) decking and timber joists. The shelter was made of galvanised steel, powder-coated shelter beams and corrugated custom orb roof sheeting. To minimise construction impacts on the environmentally sensitive site, we pre-assembled most of the shelter structure off-site. It was then installed using only a small crane. Off-site assembly also allowed us to avoid weather delays. Once installed, hand-painted detailing added to the overall aesthetic of the finished shelter.

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The primary challenge came from the sensitivity of the natural surroundings. It was important to create a design that would touch the ground lightly to help preserve the local environment both during and after construction.


Environmental concerns were always top of mind. In particular, the materials and construction equipment used were especially vital to ensure minimal disturbance during installation and preserve the existing vegetation in the community’s sensitive riparian corridor.


  • 25m pedestrian bridge
  • 11m hardwood boardwalk
  • Cantilevered roofed shelter

  • Unseasoned hardwood
  • Hot dip galvanising
  • Mild steel
  • Powdercoat
  • Corrugated sheet
  • FRP minimesh

The Council’s original vision for the project was all about improving social connection for the Cardinia Village community through faster, safer and easier access to the local parklands. We’re delighted to say this vision has been fully realised, with more and more families, residents and visitors enjoying the natural surroundings every day.


The completed boardwalk, bridge and shelter have provided essential new pieces of public infrastructure. Together they provide important outdoor access links for the entire Cardinia Village community to use and enjoy all year round.