“Transforming the site of an old golf course into a stunning new community asset”


Frasers Property





Design Partners

McGregor Coxall & Perfection Landscapes

Scope of Work

Deliver, Detail, Develop, Discover

Executive Summary

The Fairwater Park site was originally an old golf course in the Western Sydney suburb of Blacktown. Australand (now Frasers Property) saw the opportunity to convert the underutilised site into a new, sustainable housing development where residents could enjoy an outdoor lifestyle within close proximity to water. As part of the wider development, landscape architects McGregor Coxall engaged Fleetwood to deliver important community connections through a series of boardwalks, viewing platforms and a pedestrian bridge.


Fleetwood Involvement

Having previously partnered with Fleetwood, McGregor Coxall was confident our DesignExecute2™ approach would make their vision a reality. The process began by exploring how we could best deliver the design vision. Together we sketched out an abstract plan for how the theme could be best achieved. Next a series of simple drawings were created to help better visualise the concept for the wider project team and client, who we remained in regular contact with at every stage. With in-principle approval we then developed the ideal construction methods, final budgets and specific recommendations on materials based on the fully-certified design. Moving into the construction phase, our expert in-house team manufactured all of the structures in our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility. These structural elements were partially pre-assembled to ensure the on-site works were as efficient as possible, and that the structures fit together seamlessly. Our site crews then worked closely with the landscape contractor, Perfection Landscapes, to complete the project, ensuring it was delivered on time, on budget and exceeded all expectations.

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Central to the design approach was finding ways to harness the natural assets of the surrounding area, using these to inspire Fairwater Park residents to explore more of their own backyards. Special emphasis was given to creating public spaces that engaged residents directly with the water features that give Fairwater its name.


There were two main construction challenges. The first was identifying ways to deliver the overarching design vision while staying within the client’s budget. Ultimately, we were able to meet the landscape architect’s specifications by specifying one of our standard boardwalk systems and then making small modifications, such as custom-designed handrails. Access to the site also proved difficult due to the perennially wet surroundings, something that required careful planning and pre-assembly (off site) for many of the key structural elements.


The architect wanted the support structures to be minimised so they appeared as if they were floating in air. To achieve the ‘floating’ visual effect, we had to tuck underneath as far as possible, and then paint the surface black.


  • Boardwalks x3
  • Viewing platforms x3
  • Pedestrian bridge x1
  • Series of bespoke park benches

  • Non marine grade paint system
  • Mild steel
  • Unseasoned hardwood
  • Stainless steel

  • Waterside™ boardwalk
  • Balmoral™ bridge

Fairwater Estate is considered by the Green Building Council of Australia to be one of the country’s “most progressive environmentally-friendly developments”. We worked hard to ensure the new public amenities reinforced this status, amongst other things, using only sustainably sourced hardwoods with chain of custody proof.


Centrally located and easily accessible, Fairwater Park instantly became a social community centrepiece. Today it’s a much-loved public space that Fairwater residents enjoy all year round.


The new boardwalk, pedestrian bridge and viewing platform are genuine community assets, encouraging Fairwater residents to get outdoors and explore the natural beauty of their local surrounds.



Award Name Location Year
Architecture & Design - Finalist: Australian Sustainability Awards Fairwater 2016
UDIA NSW Residential Fairwater 2016
UDIA NSW Environmental Design Fairwater 2016
AILA NSW - Parks and Open Space Landscape Architecture Award Fairwater 2016