Georges Fair

“Stylish shelters delivered through clever consultation”

Executive Summary

Georges Fair is a premium residential development in Sydney’s growing south-west owned by INVESTA. Boasting planned streetscapes, cycle paths and native bushland, Fleetwood was engaged by the lead contractor BMD to work with the architects, AECOM, to deliver a series of stylish custom shelters for the community park area.


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Design Partners


Scope of Work

Deliver, Detail, Develop, Discover

Fleetwood Involvement

Our involvement at Georges Fair began with substantial design consultation on the central playground’s shade shelters, before even submitting a quotation. After winning the contract, we continued to collaborate with the architect, creating a video presentation of our proposed final design to be approved prior to construction. Despite the geometric difficulties of curved shelters with a pitched roof, the project ran seamlessly from DA stage to completion. We manufactured the structures off-site, and come installation day, our team installed each of the shelters smoothly. Most importantly, the shelters stand out exactly as the developer and architect wished, and were delivered on budget.

More Project Information


Georges Fair is positioned as a place ‘where families meet communities’. With this in mind, a key ingredient of the architect’s plans was to create a stylish, playful park area that would bring the local community together. Given Western Sydney experiences extremes of heat and cold, providing similarly stylish weather shelters for the central playground was an essential part of the broader design vision.


The developers had a fixed budget for the project, and the proposed three-dimensionally curved shelter designs had posed manufacturing and budgetary challenges for other suppliers. Fortunately, our standard practice of consulting pre-submission allowed us to explore the options, and deliver plans and elevations for a solution that could be confidently delivered within budget.


Delivering the shelters required the extensive and innovative use of bespoke laser-cutting technology and 3D CAD drafting.


  • Perforated roofing panels
  • Rolled structural steel roof framing elements
  • Integrated columns and rafter beams

  • Powdercoat
  • Hot dip galvanising
  • Perforated steel

  • Cantilevered Targa™ shelter

The playground shelters provide a stylish and inviting space for local families and residents to meet, relax and socialise, seven days a week.


Western Sydney experiences extreme heat in summer, and extreme cold in winter. By providing easily-accessible protection from the elements, the shade shelters encourage Georges Fair residents to get outside and enjoy their local parklands, all year round.