Gregory Hills

“Custom bridge modifications deliver the perfect community connection”

Executive Summary

Fleetwood was specified into a competitive tender by landscape architects Distinctive Living Design at Gregory Hills – a residential community being developed by Dartwest in south-west Sydney. The tender was successful and we subsequently worked with Distinctive Living Design to deliver three pedestrian bridges at the heart of the new community, one of them connecting the Gregory Hills shopping centre to the main playground, and the others installed in other locations to provide vital connections within the community. The winning solutions featured a series of bespoke modifications to our off-the-shelf Balmoral™ bridge system, including custom handrails and LED strip lighting.








Design Partners

Distinctive Living Design

Scope of Work

Discover, Develop, Detail, Deliver

Fleetwood Involvement

Fleetwood was engaged through the landscape architects, Distinctive Living Design. They initially came to us with sketches for three new pedestrian bridges at Gregory Hills and asked if they could specify our Balmoral™ product in their tender documentation. We agreed, and when they were subsequently awarded the project by Dartwest, we were sub-contracted to design, develop, detail and install the bridges using our full four-step DesignExcute2 delivery process. The final structures were quite similar – the main difference being two of the bridges were straight, while the other featured a gradual curve.


It was essential for our design team to capture the essence of the initial concept sketches from the landscape architects. To do it, we needed to carefully modify our Balmoral™ off-the-shelf product in such a way that the completed structures perfectly reflected the design intent.


Installation methodology was the greatest challenge for the bridges, as we needed to complete everything around the wider project schedule at Gregory Hills. Specifically, we couldn’t access the sites until the civil engineers had left – and we had to be out before the landscape contractors arrived. Fortunately, we were able to successfully accomplish the tight turn around as the landscape architects brought us on board early, allowing us to have everything ready for the install well before time.


The landscape architects wanted a distinctive design for the bridges that was functional, but also looked good. To achieve their vision, we came up with an innovative mix of materials that gave both bridges a visual ‘wow’ factor. This included a galvanised sub structure, Coreten posts, FRP decking, stainless steel balustrade and customised stainless handrails, all finished with eye-catching LED strip lighting.


  • Coreten posts
  • LED strip lighting
  • Curved design

  • Galvanised sub-structure
  • Coreten posts
  • FRP decking
  • Stainless steel balustrade
  • Stainless handrail

Balmoral™ bridge


Classed as a ‘brownfield development’, the Gregory Hills site was ex-industrial and quite bare. With no existing habitats, flora or fauna to preserve, the sustainability focus was firmly on the future rather than the past – and delivering the most efficient and durable structures possible for the new community to enjoy.


The new bridges provide critical access links for Gregory Hills residents, allowing parents, children and families to travel directly from the local shopping centre to the main playground. Previously, the development had been divided by the creek line which acted as a natural barrier to greater community connectivity.


Today, the Gregory Hills community is truly connected. The new bridges make it easy for locals to get out and about. With simple access links, the entire development has been ‘opened up’, providing abundant opportunities for outdoor exploring, relaxation and play.