Mitchells Run

“Providing rich social connections for a growing Victorian community”

Executive Summary

Mitchells Run is a planned community north of Melbourne, comprising more than 650 blocks of land. With pristine waterways and serene wetlands, Fleetwood was contracted by Dacland to collaborate with landscape architects, Spiire, to deliver a series of bridges and boardwalks. Playing a central role in establishing the community’s public path network, the new structures helped to activate local green spaces in and around Mitchells Run and facilitate social connections between residents and visitors alike.







Design Partners


Scope of Work

Deliver, Detail, Develop, Discover

Fleetwood Involvement

Guided by the DesignExecute2™ delivery model, we began by working closely with Spiire to understand the scope of the brief and help refine their design vision. We recommended customising two proprietary solutions developed by our in-house Design Engineering Hub to provide a fast-track to a great and cost effective outcome: the Balmoral™ pedestrian bridge and Waterside™ boardwalk. Final detail was then developed around material selection, engineering calculations and member sizes. Moving into the construction phase, the concrete piers were installed on-site, while the bridge modules were manufactured off-site in our own workshop, before being transported and lifted into place.

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The key to the design concept from Spiire was to create a series of robust public infrastructure elements that blended seamlessly into the local landscape – while also achieving outstanding levels of functionality and sustainability.


The site was dominated by bedrock and large boulders. This proved challenging for many of the foundations and required innovative engineering solutions to deliver the necessary stability for each of the new structures.


The ground composition at Mitchells Run saw us take a creative approach to much of the groundwork. Rather than use conventional foundations, we instead chose spread concrete footings with rock bolts fastening into the existing bedrock. The cross bracing system was also bespoke, engineered to be very slim and unobtrusive with small beam sizes. This meant even though the clear spans were 18-22m, the beams couldn’t be seen – which allowed us to meet Spiire’s vision for the bridges to have a low visual impact.


  • Pedestrian bridge (standard design)
  • Slimline design with small beams sizes
  • Bespoke cross-bracing system
  • Steel framing
  • Stainless steel wires
  • Timber handrail

  • Modwood
  • Concrete footings
  • Unseasoned hardwood
  • Stainless wire
  • Mild steel
  • Hot dip galvanising

  • Balmoral™ bridge

Modwood® composite decking was chosen as a sustainable alternative to timber. Rot-resistant and unaffected by the harsh Australian elements, it ensures maintenance is kept to a minimum and reduces deterioration due to shrinkage, splitting, cupping, warping and erosion. Sustainably sourced Australian hardwood was also used for the handrails.


Social connection sits at the heart of any thriving community. The completed bridges and boardwalks have instantly created links that help to bring Mitchells Run residents and families together like never before.


Safe and easy to access, the new shared path network has opened up a world of outdoor possibilities for Mitchells Run residents to enjoy all year round.