Myles Dunphy Reserve

“Elevated access with elevated environmental sensitivity”

Executive Summary

Fleetwood was contracted by Georges River Council to deliver a new elevated public boardwalk at Myles Dunphy Reserve in Sydney’s south. On the surface a seemingly simple project, the ecologically-sensitive site actually presented many complications. This included swampy terrain, significant local Aboriginal heritage and the presence of Phytophthora virus in the local vegetation. The timeline was also condensed, as we needed to avoid the annual roosting period of the Grey Headed Flying Fox which was native to the reserve. To solve these challenges we made extensive use of our in-house MARS™ boardwalk system, using modified hand-piled footings.


Georges River Council





Scope of Work

Deliver, Detail



Fleetwood Involvement

Fleetwood was contracted directly by Georges River Council to deliver the entire boardwalk, from design and fabrication to installation. To meet the Council’s brief, budget and timeline – whilst remaining sensitive to the many environmental requirements of the project – our design engineers recommended the use of our MARS™ boardwalk system with modified hand-piled footings, made from fibre reinforced plastic (FRP). Durable, lightweight and extremely low maintenance, FRP is ideal for even the harshest of salty and acidic conditions. As a fully modular system, each section of the boardwalk was manufactured off-site, before being hand-installed by our crews with minimal noise or disruption to the surrounding habitat and neighbours, human and otherwise!

Community Engagement

Council ran the initial community engagement as well as providing updates during the project. Fleetwood also kept local residents directly informed about any disruptions throughout the installation process.