Oran Park

“Providing custom shade for Sydney’s scorching south-west.”

Executive Summary

Landscape architects, JMD Design, reached out directly to Fleetwood to deliver their vision for a series of much-needed shade shelters at Oran Park, a new residential community in south-western Sydney. JMD liked our off-the-shelf Targa™ shelter design, but also wanted to explore customisations to make the new shelters truly unique – something we worked closely with the JMD team to achieve. JMD and the developer, Greenfields Development Group, were delighted with the end result and, as each stage of Oran Park was completed, the landscape contractor awarded Fleetwood the new shelters. This ultimately saw us deliver 15 fantastic shelters for the residents to enjoy, each uniquely coloured to match its location within the fast-growing community.



Greenfields Development Group





Design Partners

JMD Design

Fleetwood Involvement

Fleetwood was engaged directly by the Oran Park landscape architects, JMD Design, who had been awarded the job by the developer, Greenfields Development Group. JMD had specified a modified version Fleetwood’s Targa™ shelters into its winning proposal, guaranteeing the same design would feature across the different stages of the Oran Park community. Guided by our full 4-step DesignExecute2™ process, Fleetwood’s in-house design team began by collaborating closely with JMD to refine the final design, specifications and colour-scheme for the shelters. Once approved by the developer, we then progressively constructed and installed all 15 shelters in keeping with the project schedule set by the landscape contractor.


JMD Design had a clear creative vision for the new shelters. In bringing this vision to life, the main challenge was the cantilevering of the roofs. Using our Targa™ shelter design as the starting point, we had to very carefully consider how the cantilevered design would work – both structurally and aesthetically – particularly with the fixings and sizings of the members.


Careful planning and clear communication – both on and off-site – saw the construction and installation of all 15 shelters at Oran Park completed seamlessly, much to the delight of the developer and local residents.


JMD’s initial concept sketches featured a cantilevered design. This required our design team to be quite innovative to ensure it was translated into a built structure that was structurally sound, but also looked good. The vision also called for a variation of cranked posts we hadn’t previously designed, so the team worked hard to turn it into a reality.


  • Cantilevered roofs
  • Colour-specific roof sheeting on the underside of each shelter with different colours representing the different stages of the Oran Park community.

  • Galvanised steel frame 
  • Colourbond ‘Custom Orb’ roofing

The customised shelters are unique to Oran Park, and their highly-recognisable form provides a fun splash of colour right across the community. As the development is quite new, the trees are also small – so the shelters provide very welcome shade at critical points along local walking routes and at playgrounds for residents and families.


The new shelters have quickly become much-loved parts of the local community. From dawn to dusk, and sometimes beyond, they inspire Oran Park families to get outside and enjoy the fresh air by providing a comfortable place to meet, eat and rest under while the kids play and feed the local ducks.