Pirrama Park

“Highly complex. Multi faceted. Award winning.”


Ford Civil





Design Partners

ASPECT Studios / Hill Thalis

Scope of Work

Deliver, Detail

Executive Summary

One of the decade’s most recognisable architectural projects, Pirrama Park saw Fleetwood engaged by Ford Civil to help deliver the transformation of a modest Water Police site on the foreshores of Sydney Harbour into an exciting new public parkland. The imaginative parklands featured boardwalks, a jetty, picnic shelters and cliff access stairs and, while structurally challenging, all works were completed on time, on budget and to the high level of fine detailing required. Pirrama Park went on to win its designers, ASPECT Studios and Hill Thalis, the coveted AILA NSW Award in 2010. We are very proud to have played a key role in this award-winning project.

Fleetwood Involvement

Fleetwood was selected for the Pirrama Park project through our reputation for handling everything in-house, meeting hard deadlines and still delivering the highest levels of quality. Working closely with the project architects, we were responsible for bringing their inspired vision to life. Our involvement spanned everything from the heavy-scale construction work of the cliff access stairs, to the stylish implementation of the boardwalks, decking and shelters, right through to the fine detail of the custom seating. To deliver maximum efficiencies with minimum on-site disruption, many of the structural elements were fabricated off site. This included the aluminium boardwalks and the steel posts and roof frames for the picnic shelters. Wherever possible we also sought to make use of pre-existing structures. This included installing part of the hardwood boardwalk using the site’s existing retaining walls.

Community Engagement

The high profile nature of the project saw an extensive program of community engagement managed directly by the City of Sydney.


Award Name Location Year
AILA NSW Awards - Planning Award of Excellence Pirrama Park 2009
The Parks & Leisure Australia Awards Of Excellence (NSW) Pirrama Park 2009
CCAA Public Domain Awards Pirrama Park 2009
Walter Burley Griffin Award For Urban Design Pirrama Park 2010
AILA National Awards - Planning Pirrama Park 2010