Port Botany

“Delivering a series of complex structures – and a client’s promise to their local community”

Executive Summary

Sydney Ports Corporation needed to extend its Botany Bay container facilities. As part of its expansion planning, it agreed to assist the communities surrounding Port Botany by improving and ‘giving back’ a section of the foreshore to the public. This included the creation of two complex new lookouts, an estuary walkway and a contemporary fish-cleaning facility. Unfortunately, the timeline was extremely tight and the Sydney Ports Corporation found themselves in a difficult situation. To ensure they met their deadline and delivered on their public promises, Fleetwood was engaged to deliver the critical elements.



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Scope of Work

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Fleetwood Involvement

Fleetwood was contracted to turn the design vision into reality – and to do it quickly. Our specific brief from AECOM and CHROFI included creating the Mill Stream Lookout, an extensive estuary walkway with a second lookout, as well as a public fish-cleaning facility. The design team invited us to collaborate and help document the complex design early in the process, both to ensure it could actually be manufactured and installed, and to help accelerate the delivery phase. Once approved, we fabricated the main lookout structure at our off-site workshop using five sections of weathering steel, which were then site-welded and installed by franna crane. The second lookout and fish cleaning facilities were also manufactured off-site and installed by crane, before being finished with stainless steel mesh walls and corrugated roof sheets.

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Several elements of the project were extraordinarily complex, most notably the Mill Stream Lookout. The design teams from AECOM and CHROFI wanted this striking viewing platform to be fashioned like the weathered bow of a boat – a fantastically creative challenge. The second lookout at Penryhn Estuary was designed to retain a pristine, contemporary appearance.


While the designs were complex, it was the deadline that placed the greatest pressure on construction. Sydney Ports Corporation had made a promise to their local community and it was our responsibility to ensure they kept it, a responsibility we never shied away from and ultimately succeeded in achieving.


Weathering steel is a plain black, un-galvanised steel that’s designed to sacrifice slowly and yet still retain its structural integrity. On this project, however, the architect wanted to slow the process down even further. Our solution was to install the steel and then return later to paint it with a clear sealer, once sufficiently weathered.


  • Mill Stream Lookout
  • Penryhn Estuary walkway & lookout
  • Public fish-cleaning facility

  • Weathering steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Corrugated sheet
  • Hot dip galvanising

By returning a large section of land to the local community, and enhancing it with a range of quality public amenities, the project created an important new social hub for the Port Botany community to enjoy with friends and family.


The entire project was the result of detailed community engagement, by Sydney Ports Corporation as part of its expansion planning process.


The new walkway and lookouts have helped to activate the entire area. They make it easy for locals to get outside and enjoy their surroundings, while the fish-cleaning facilities have been of great benefit to the local fishing community.



Award Name Location Year
Australian Construction Achievement (ACA) Award Port Botany 2012