Sydney Metro Northwest

“New levels of amenity and access for Sydney’s newest metro rail line”







Design Partners

Hassell / Vert Design

Scope of Work

Deliver, Detail, Develop, Discover

Executive Summary

Overseen by Transport for NSW, Northwest Rapid Transit (NRT) is responsible for the design and delivery of Sydney’s new generation metro train network. As part of their expansive brief, Fleetwood won a competitive tender to deliver a series of custom shelters and public furniture installations in multiple sites across the NRT network. The large and often complex project saw us work closely with NRT design partners Hassell and Vert Design.


Fleetwood Involvement

Post awarding of the project, Fleetwood was heavily involved in fine-tuning the concepts created by Vert Design. This included providing extensive budget testing and rationalising of the concepts in preparation for construction and installation. Once these were approved, Fleetwood was responsible for all shop detailing, manufacturing and installation on-site.

Community Engagement

As part of a major public infrastructure project, ongoing community engagement was undertaken by TfNSW, the NSW Government and the Joint Venture Construction company.