The New Rouse Hill

“Adapting a proven design system to deliver a combination of boardwalks, decks, shelters and bridges”

Executive Summary

Rouse Hill is an historic residential community 43km north-west of the Sydney CBD. Since the early 1800s the ‘original Rouse Hill’ was predominantly farmland, however with the population growing rapidly, Lendlease was engaged by The Hills Shire Council to transform the area into ‘The New Rouse Hill’. As a central part of this major ongoing project, Lendlease chose to partner with Fleetwood for the design and construction of seven separate pedestrian bridges to help activate the local area and provide safer resident access to the nearby shopping precinct. Since its highly successful completion in 2016, Fleetwood has continued to collaborate with Lendlease at The New Rouse Hill, delivering additional boardwalks, decks, shelters, bridges and even a community stage as part of the Melaleuca, Ironbark Ridge and Lower Paddock projects.








Design Partners

Oculus Landscape Architects

Scope of Work

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Fleetwood Involvement

We began by providing detailed budgets to Lendlease with a guaranteed maximum price. This allowed them to confidently move forward knowing we could install bridges that were visually and structurally consistent across the entire development. From here we used our DesignExecute2™ delivery model to explore the specific designs and logistics for each bridge. To deliver on the Lendlease vision, while also meeting tight timelines and budgets, our solution was to use our in-house Balmoral™ system, with a series of modifications to suit the site requirements. Moving into the construction phase, we preassembled the bridges at our off-site facility in Wetherill Park, before transporting them fully assembled to each site for final installation by crane.

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The overall vision from Lendlease was for all seven bridges to look the same across the development site. Despite each location presenting different challenges, it was essential we could deliver the batch consistently in appearance. More specific design issues included being able to deliver multi-span bridges across an actively flowing watercourse without restricting flows (critical in terms of flooding). This dictated the type of footings and support columns used, with a round design specified so water could move more easily around the structures.


Installing the bridge footings in a live watercourse, while minimising environmental impacts, was a significant challenge and required an innovative approach to construction. Co-ordinating the massive cranes required to lift the bridge spans into final place was also logistically complex. Lendlease are also renowned for their stringent WHS requirements, so we knew we needed to run a very tight project.


Our design engineers recommended a bespoke footing design with screw piles and concrete head stocks to reduce any impacts on the local creek and its surrounding habitat, while also making the installation process easier on site.


  • Seven community pedestrian bridges in varying locations
  • 3 shelters
  • Public restrooms

  • Mild steel
  • Non marine grade paint system
  • Unseasoned hardwood
  • Plywood
  • Corrugated sheet
  • Stainless steel
  • Weathering steel
  • FRP minimesh
  • Hot dip galvanising

  • Balmoral™ bridge

Lendlease have one of the most stringent WHS requirements in the industry. Despite the bulk of the work taking place in and around live watercourses in a busy residential community, we were able to prove we could meet those requirements effectively to undertake the works safely while mitigating potential risks.


The Hills Shire Council required all materials to be minimum maintenance, something we ensured by specifying galvanised steel, stainless steel and FRP. Considerable steps were also taken to reduce any risk of flooding, both during and after the project.


The bridges were installed to help provide easier access to the local shopping area, one of the community’s most important social hubs. By removing the need for residents to travel on the main roads it was also considerably safer.


By providing convenient access over the local waterways, residents can now explore more of their neighborhood on foot. They can get to the shops more directly, while parents have the peace of mind knowing their families are able to move about the local community more safely.



Award Name Location Year
NSW UDIA Masterplanned Mixed Use Development Award The New Rouse Hill 2009
Hills Building & Design Award For Landscaping The New Rouse Hill 2010
PIA National Presidents Award The New Rouse Hill 2010
Pacific Safe Community Accreditation The New Rouse Hill 2010