Thornton Riparian Corridor

“Working in a sensitive local habitat with an equally sensitive budget”

Executive Summary

Caddens Rise is home to around 1,000 people in Western Sydney. UrbanGrowth NSW, the major developer on the estate, selected Fleetwood Urban to collaborate with landscape architects Place Design Group to create a lively outdoor space at the heart of its new residential community. Central to the expansive project was the delivery of a new 6-metre pedestrian bridge, 58-metre boardwalk and Australian hardwood viewing platform to encourage locals to explore more of their local habitat, including the nearby Thornton Riparian Corridor. The budget was tight. But the end result was outstanding.


UrbanGrowth NSW





Design Partners

PLACE Design Group

Scope of Work

Deliver, Detail, Develop, Discover

Fleetwood Involvement

Fleetwood was commissioned directly by UrbanGrowth NSW to bolster community access to the Thornton Riparian Corridor. Faced with tight budgetary pressures, the project’s success relied on close and ongoing collaboration between all parties, especially the landscape architects, Place Design Group. Our DesignExecute2™ delivery model provided the perfect platform to guide this process – from reworking the original concepts and providing full design detailing and materials specifications, to the off-site fabrication and successful installation of all elements at Caddens Rise. Importantly, this was all achieved on time, brief and budget.

More Project Information


As with most Riparian Corridor projects, the site conditions were tricky. But without question, the major construction challenge was financial. The client’s original designs were quite ambitious for the budget. This required us to work closely with Place Design Group to explore a series of modifications that could deliver essential savings to the project, without sacrificing the creative intent or quality of the final structures.


Budget constraints drove several important innovations. One was the decision to integrate two of our standard products – Balmoral™ and Waterside™ – with bespoke modifications to match the design vision and characteristics of the site. To minimise any risk of environmental impacts on the riparian corridor and its surrounding habitat, we also pre-assembled the key structural elements off-site at our Western Sydney facility, before installing them as simple modules with little on-site disruption.


  • 58-metre curved galvanised steel and timber boardwalk
  • 6-metre pedestrian bridge (Balmoral™)
  • 48sqm Australian hardwood viewing deck
  • Integrated timber balustrade
  • 2 x community shade shelters

  • Unseasoned hardwood
  • Mild steel
  • Hot dip galvanising
  • Non marine grade paint system
  • Aluminium

  • Balmoral™ bridge
  • Waterside™ boardwalk

Riparian corridors are notoriously complex work-sites, due to their close proximity to waterways, sensitive local ecosystems and often swampy and shifting terrain. Our crews needed to take extra care in the difficult creek bed conditions, especially during the installation stage when they were working around cranes and other heavy delivery vehicles.


The material selection was carefully considered to minimise the project’s environmental footprint while also maximising the durability of all structures. To do this we made extensive use of locally sourced Australian hardwood.


Integrating seamlessly into the wider Caddens Rise masterplan, the new structures have helped to create a wonderful new community asset in the very heart of nature. The Thornton Riparian Corridor is a space for local residents and their families to meet, explore and play, 365 days a year.


With designs that are both functional and inspirational, the new structures encourage Caddens Rise families to experience more of their local community and venture far beyond their own backyard. The bridge and boardwalks, in particular, provide safe and easy access to areas that were previously out of reach to all but the most adventurous of residents.