Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach

Iconic, award winning design

Bondi Beach is one of the world’s true icons, recognisable, valued, unique and ‘belongs’ to the world, to Australia, to Sydney, and importantly to its local community. Balancing these identities ensures that the natural and heritage environment is enhanced, that growth and change are carefully managed for locals and visitors alike.

With the aim of increased flexibility and fully-accessible use, the new shelters reduce visual impacts and respond to a contemporary vision for Bondi. Subtly iconic, the new shelters recall wave and cloud forms, linking the urban bustle of Campbell Parade to the movement of the Ocean.

A small range of very durable materials: stainless steel, copper and treated plywood, unite natural and urban finishes in a form that responds directly to the landscape and brief. The roof follows the fall of the land, dipping to shelter the seaward side and lifting for winter solar access to the north-west, with minimal support and a flexible seating layout allowing multiple groups to enjoy the shade. As well, the form of the roof minimises view interruption from Campbell Parade to the ocean, whilst the newly-regenerated landscape provides wind protection to each shelter.

The Challenge

  • Iconic and complex shelters
  • working at a busy and popular location
  • High profile / high spec materials
  • visually appealing and yet very durable and corrosion resistant
DesignExecute2 Process at Bondi Beach
01 Discover
02 Develop
03 Detail
04 Deliver

01 Discover





  • Having submitted a successful submission and won the competitive tender thanks to our renowned quality and capability we took the Architects design and worked closely with Waverley Council to confirm all materials selection and construction methodology.
  • Detailed drawings were done to ensure accurate member sizes and finalise a solid construction methodology


  • Due to the high spec materials including stainless steel, hardwood and copper specialist manufacturing techniques were adopted and a high level of care and attention to detail was required.
  • We pre-assembled the roof frames in our Sydney Facility and upon delivering to site we worked in carefully to ensure a smooth install.
  • Special care was taken to avoid public disturbance due to the iconic nature an highly populated site area.

The Solution

Loved by beach lovers – their functional use is apparent. Visually – they are delightful and already been recognised with one award so far. The composition of materials and textures is awesome and the way the product echoes so many attributes of the waterfront, and particularly Bondi Beach is wonderful.

Inspiring shapes

What is it? A whale? A beach sandal? A wave? A seagull’s wing? The shelter brings many shapes to mind, it’s very supply and flowing form reminiscent of many things found in or around Bondi and the sandy coast of Sydney.

Variety of materials

This image shows the use of a variety of materials to create a distinct design palette; Bead blasted stainless steel structure, timber soffit and copper fascia’s and trims

Project Details


Waverley Council

Design Partners

Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects


NSW Architect (Small Project) Award (2017)