The Heights, Pimpama
The Heights, Pimpama
The Heights, Pimpama

Creating harmony in the community

When the Sunland Group developed this new community at Pimpama, their vision was to create architecturally-designed homes and landscaped parks that were intimately connected to the surrounding hinterlands. Fleetwood was invited to create these shelters to continue the vision for the homes into the parklands, but we were also given a more important opportunity: to create an architectural statement that would add genuine character to this new estate.

The Challenge

This project required the structure to be fully sealed with a smooth finish that had no visible fixings. The structure also needed to be entirely waterproof yet maintain the elegant angles and the thinnest profile possible.

DesignExecute2™ Process at The Heights, Pimpama
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02 Develop
03 Detail
04 Deliver

01 Discover

Arriving at our Discovery session was the Sunland Group’s architects, along with their original designs. These were presented to us as a pre-cast concept and, after reviewing this approach, we proposed a steel alternative. We felt adapting the design to use steel, would help reduce the costs and shorten the lead time for the client. The Sunland Group loved the idea, but before they were ready to sign off on the new direction, they wanted to see the idea developed with more detail.


In order to justify our steel alternative we needed to show that it could deliver the seemless aesthetic they required, while also being more cost effective. Most important, we needed to ensure the alternative approach improved on our partner’s original vision.

We developed an accurate and reliable construction budget so the client could compare options against their original pre-cast option. With the assurance that this was possible, we then developed the design further to confirm the shelter dimensions and practicality.


Engineering drawings were completed to confirm beam sizes, weights and connection techniques. These were used to assist with the development of a practical methodology for manufacturing, transportation and assembling the shelters.


Due to the sealed finish, access to any of the internal connections was going to be very tricky, so we had to use precise assembly techniques. The structure was actually developed in two separate parts, which were transported to the site and then connected and finished off by our Onsite Construction Crews.

The Solution

You can see how our shelters complement the architecture of the homes (pictured behind). These are one of the most beautiful shelters we’ve created, made more remarkable thanks to the sense of harmony and continuation they bring from the new homes into the parklands. Sunland Group wanted to, ‘Create inspiring space for residents… with landscape parks intimately connected to their hinterland setting.’ It was a pleasure working with them to achieve that vision.

You can see below how the shelters have an incredibly thin form, which called for smart engineering. With continuous linking completely shrouding the internal mechanisms, none of the structure can be seen. Achieving this outcome called for a little creative genius from our technical design and engineering team.

Fleetwood were engaged by Sunland to construct a public shelter of a usual form that was designed by them. The Fleetwood team were responsible for the structural integrity while remaining true the design of the shelter. The team at Fleetwood are a very professional and approached this challenge with enthusiasm. Their were a number of stumbling blocks along the way but no problem was to large and a answer was always find. The final results are fantastic great work.

Andrew Conochie Development Manager at Sunland Group

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