The Ponds Parklands
The Ponds Parklands
The Ponds Parklands

The Ponds Parklands is a five-hectare park that provides a continuous lakefront walkway, comprising boardwalks, an iconic bridge, artworks, kick-about spaces, and picnic and BBQ facilities. All this was integrated with the best water management practice and was mindful of the ongoing bushland and riparian corridor restoration.

Fleetwood was involved in the Ponds from the very early stages of planning. We’ve executed a wide range of large and very important structural elements in the landscape, including shelters, bridges, viewing decks, boardwalks and public artworks. We’ve been a collaborative partner throughout, contributing at every stage, from initial planning right through to construction documentation and installation. Some of our more prominent projects include the Float, the lake boardwalks, the feature bridge, public artworks, the Dragonfly Wall and all of the parklands’ and wetlands’ cycleway bridges.

The Challenge

  • The works needed to be completed to a strict deadline because many of the grand openings had already been scheduled.
  • The various artworks at the Ponds were very intricate so it was important to successfully translate artists’ visions using different mediums and finishes.

Reflective artwork

The artworks on the Lake are made of reflective materials, stainless steel, and photos overlaid on durable materials.

DesignExecute2™ Process at The Ponds Parklands
01 Discover
02 Develop
03 Detail
04 Deliver

01 Discover

  • Fleetwood has successfully collaborated with an extensive range of consultants at the Ponds over six years.
  • Fleetwood were brought into the project based on our technical expertise and our ability to deliver the intricate finishing required by both the artists and the client.
  • The Float was an artist’s intricate vision and our introduction to the Ponds.We worked closely with CLOUSTON Associates on the lake’s pedestrian bridge.


  • For many of the artistic components throughout the park, we took architectural drawings and translated them into computer-aided design (CAD) models.
  • For the large-scale pedestrian and cycleway bridges, we provided the concept designs at the Development Application stage of the project.
  • All the way through, including very early in the process, we helped the client prepare realistic project budgets.
  • Fleetwood worked closely with landscape architects and lead consultant CLOUSTON Associates in developing the budgets, design, construction and installation methods for the curved boardwalks.
  • Due to our previous experience and accumulated knowledge of using the same materials in comparable projects, we were in the right position to deliver what was required. To create the various artistic elements, we liaised with the client, the artist and the lead consultant during the early stages of the process. Working from architectural drawings, we created a computer-aided design and prepared a realistic project budget that was, of course, met.


  • After providing the concept designs for the bridges at the project’s DA stage, we then provided the certified drawings for the construction approval stage.
  • The ambitious artwork included a circle of six stainless steel and laminated glass plinths that reflect the sun, sky and water. During the detail stage, we identified that marine-grade mirror stainless steel would need to be used. This was combined with customised Smartfix fixing systems that supported a digitally printed interlayer of laminated glass.


  • We were responsible for site set-out, piers and installation of all the bridge and boardwalk structures.
  • The bridge used bored piers with headstocks for two bright-red splayed steel support frames. The bridge itself was fabricated off-site and craned into position.
  • Many of the artistic elements required intricate laser cutting and lettering.
  • The entry signage had laser-cut lettering from the mural’s Cor-ten Steel base and we installed the steel sheets 10 millimetres off the wall to create a floating effect. This also helped to prevent staining the concrete over time.

Designed with flooding overflow in mind

The bridges throughout the parklands have been designed with flooding overflow in mind. The balustrades have a purpose-designed mechanism to ensure the balustrades fold in the event of a flood, therefore not caching debris which could force the bridge to overturn.

Concrete blade wall

This is an ordinary water cleansing set of ponds, and in order to make it a bit more attractive, the Landscape Architect (Clouston) designed a large concrete blade wall. To break up the concrete surface, Clouston designed a coreten panel ‘Dragonfly’ cut into it which we detailed, manufactured and installed.

Throughout my dealings with Fleetwood they have demonstrated and successfully completed a multitude of projects within time and budget. Their response time to get the projects completed has proven to be exceptional! This is a comforting factor. Good communication is vital to reduce duplication which wastes money. They have demonstrated that they can overcome any challenge put to them.

Nick Conditsis Senior Development Manager, Urban Growth NSW

Structural aesthetics

This bespoke bridge support frame was designed for 2 reasons. The first was structural – to allow the individual spans of the bridge to be shorter than they would with a standard upright support. Therefore, making the bridge structure lighter. And secondly, aesthetic. The Lake area needed a pop of colour, and this services that well.

The balustrade

The balustrade designed for a shared path (cycle and pedestrian) was essential for compliance but also played its part in the way the bridge is lit up with lights for safety at night.

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Design Partners

Clouston Associates Landscape Architects