Waratah Community Park
Waratah Community Park
Waratah Community Park

This community park needed to be built to a very tight timeframe. Not only was this a structurally complex project, it also needed to be assembled upside-down! When it came to working onsite, there were several different contractors involves, meaning clear communication was key.

DesignExecute2™ Process at Waratah Community Park
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It was quickly apparent that the client’s original proposed configuration wouldn’t work so the Fleetwood team reviewed the existing drawings and engineering specifications to identify the requirements for a re-design.


Due to the complex timberwork required, the structure was assembled upside down and then flipped on site. The team worked carefully to ensure that all wood joins lined up and the required artistic finish was achieved.

Fleetwood met all the design intents and delivered the project on time and on budget. The pic-perf mesh was custom punched to create the Waratah detail. This also provided a soft wind-break.

A significant feature of the design is the composite timber soffi.

Very happy with the outcome and quality of the product. It is what was expected from the start and they kept to the design. They delivered within the time frame.

Mariano Lopez Landscape Architect

The large cantilever presented an engineering design challenge but Fleetwood delivered! To meet the design vision, we were able to engineer a significant cantilevered roof form.

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