Wulaba Park
Wulaba Park
Wulaba Park

A bit of green space in the ‘concrete jungle’.

Meriton was developing a group of high rise towers in the Waterloo and the City of Sydney council required the delivery to include an open space to support their vision of a more vibrant community.

Sturt Noble came onboard as the Landscape Architect and envisioned a tall tower in the park. To ensure space was not lost in the middle of large high-rise surroundings but had some impact itself, vertical height was needed and we had to ensure the tall tower could be built.

The main challenge with Wuluba Park was to fit as much play value as possible into the structure while maintaining the architectural and aesthetic intent and still comply with the building code of Australia and the relevant Australian Standards. Together with the proprietary playground item supplier and the certifying engineer we had to collaborate to create an integrated design.

DesignExecute2™ Process at Wulaba Park
01 Discover
02 Develop
03 Detail
04 Deliver

01 Discover

Working with Sturt Noble Associates, Fleetwood discussed the process of creating a stimulating and visually appealing playspace that activated a range of senses.  The design needed to provide a variety of experiences and adventures for different age groups and abilities.


Fleetwood Urban worked closely with Sturt Noble and Nuha Saad to ensure a cohesive and integrated design outcome. At this stage of the project, we discussed the materials and estimated the costs of each playspace element.

The playspace features a custom designed play tower, reminiscent of the classic Hills Rockets. Central to the space, the tower design evolved throughout the collaboration. Key visual attributes such as the reshaping of the top of the tower and the addition of the slide were developed during this stage.


Concept design was taken through to detail at this stage including engineering connections, fall heights and final materiality. The 3D model was refined to enable the proprietary item suppliers to work from, ensuring all elements fitted together.


Shop details are built off the back of the 3D model means that all details are captured and translated seamlessly to the drawings the manufacturing teams use to build the project.

The manufacturing and operation teams have direct access to the design team, maintaining a seamless transition from design to reality.

The tower structure was assembled in Fleetwood’s ISO 9001 accredited facility, and taken to site complete. Once lifted into position, the finishing touches were completed by Fleetwood’s experience site crews. Playrope supplied and installed a number of elements, after working with Fleetwood to successfully integrate their products.

The Solution

The end product matches the concept perfectly, ensuring that the vision was delivered as promised. This was a streamlined delivery of a complex play tower but more importantly, the real value is a park loved by the locals and we love when our work becomes an integral part of the community and something that the public finds worth discovering and sharing.

In-situ concrete elements

Cast ‘in-situ’ concrete elements we created throughout the park. These elements incorporated work from the artist that collaborated on the project.

Fleetwood are consistently enthusiastic to hear and workshop ideas from an early stage. Providing solid and creative collaboration towards best case outcomes. The love what they do and it shows in their ability to think on the move and meet unforeseen challenges. The DesignExecute™ process is essentially a commitment to seeing that original vision through to reality without many of the information gaps and inefficiencies that are common to many projects now.

Liam Noble Director, Sturt Noble Associates

Coloured battens

The theme of coloured battens (chosen by the collaborating artist) on the tower was carried across into the soffit of this shelter we designed, manufactured and installed adjacent to the play tower.

Play and shelter – all in one

This image shows the sheltered area provided within the Tower design which was an important element of the design. A boardwalk leads from the general concourse, across a drainage zone and underneath the sheltered area of the Tower. In such a built-up area of the city fringe, the Tower needed to be big to ensure it didn’t get lost. At 12 metres it is pretty tall!

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