Jul 05 2019, by Fleetwood Urban

The Nest draws a crowd

Fleetwood’s Outdoor Showcase kicks off in Victoria

The second Outdoor Showcase presented by Fleetwood Urban was recently held at the uniquely creative Highlands Sustainable Park in Victoria, an open space and playground that cleverly utilised old construction materials from all around Highlands in its design and build.

Our first Victorian Outdoor Showcase was all about sharing learnings and key points of interest from Highlands in an informative and entertaining interactive session. For a complete perspective, our audience enjoyed presentations from Matthew Bradbury and Simon Vive, landscape architects at Spiire, and Joel Watson and Travis Lane from Fleetwood who managed and delivered the project.

Fleetwood was honoured to work and collaborate with Spiire, Stockland, and Hume Council to fabricate and deliver ‘The Nest’ play structure and the ‘Wayfinding’ art play items in just under seven months.

The Outdoor Showcase was a fantastic opportunity for Fleetwood to demonstrate the great work we are doing in Melbourne, highlighting just how impressive the final outcomes can be for the local community when we collaborate closely with our partners from the very outset of a project.


Events like these enable our peers to come together and discuss strategies and techniques with each other to progress the industry as a whole. It was a great opportunity to share and connect as we discussed the Highlands project over refreshments and lunch at the acclaimed Bankvale Run, complete with beautiful sweeping regional views.


“For Fleetwood, our involvement at pinnacle projects such as Highlands Sustainable Park underscores our commitment to exceptional, highly creative projects as we continue to part of the fabric of landscape architecture in Victoria.”
Ian Joyce, Director 

We’d love to see you at the next Outdoor Showcase in our ongoing series, so stay tuned for more information and invitations as they come to hand about upcoming events in other states.

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