Jul 13 2022, by Fleetwood Urban

What's in your Warranty?

Some warranties aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. They promise the world. But should you ever need to make a claim, they’re filled with gaps and exclusions. Rather than confidence and reassurance, you can be left with little more than ongoing problems and costs.

Beyond ‘just a Warranty’.

It’s easy to make an outdoor structure look great when it’s brand new. The real test is what happens next. The initial weeks and months after a structure is opened to the public are always critical. If things are going to go wrong, or need a little adjusting, there’s a very strong chance this is when it will happen. That’s exactly why we created our Care Plus™ Plan which is offered in addition to our market-leading structural warranties.

“We see a robust warranty and after-sales support commitment as a critical part of the long-term maintenance plan for a structure,” says Fleetwood Director Roger Joyce. “That’s why we’ve spent considerable time and energy to get ours just right and really maximise confidence and peace of mind for our customers.”


Care PlusTM – exclusive to Fleetwood customers.

Our Care Plus™ Plan is offered in addition to our market-leading structural warranties. On completion, our specialist crews will inspect your structure every 6 months for the all-important first 3 years, making life even easier for you and your maintenance crews. They can complete any warranty repairs or adjustments that may be required, while also providing expert advice for any non-warranty issues that may arise.

“Care Plus goes far beyond a standard warranty,” explains Roger Joyce. “It’s real, it’s valuable and it delivers long-lasting benefits to your community. We don’t know of another company in Australia that offers you that level of ongoing support, post-completion.”

For a small additional fee, Fleetwood’s Care Plus™ Plan can even be renewed for a further three years.

Read more about our Warranty and Care Plus™ Plan here.


Making things right, not excuses.

“Like any manufacturer, there can be issues from time to time. But we absolutely commit to owning any problems that arise with our work – and we’ll do whatever it takes to put things right. If you’re not getting that same level of commitment from your project partners, perhaps you should ask them why?” – Roger Joyce, Director, Fleetwood Urban.



Read more about our Warranty and Care Plus™ Plan here.

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