Jul 22 2021, by Fleetwood Urban

“You do the vision, we make it happen.”

From concept to completion, Fleetwood takes the stress out of bringing your custom Play vision to life.

Ordering a Play structure straight out of a catalogue can be oh-so-tempting when the project clock is ticking but the question is, will it truly deliver the creativity and excitement your local community wants, now and into the future?

What if you didn’t have to compromise and there was an easy way to bring your vision to life? That’s where Fleetwood Urban excels – our team of experts can help turn your vision into a reality – with maximum creativity for your community and minimum stress for you.

Where do you begin?

Often, we find one of the biggest obstacles for clients considering a custom Play solution is simply knowing where to start. It doesn’t matter if your idea is rough or polished. We’ll help shape and refine it for you, into a fully deliverable form that meets your vision, your timeline and, of course, your budget. Your preferred solution will also be visualised so you have a crystal-clear understanding of exactly what the outcome will look and feel like, as well as knowing it meets all required standards.


Concept to completion

Whatever your budget, and however far-fetched or unachievable your vision might seem, our design and engineering team is here to lead the way to a wonderful outcome your community will L-O-V-E. We’ll start by understanding your visual and design intent. Then, we’ll explore all the possibilities to turn it into a reality – from the design and engineering stages, right through to helping you choose the ideal materials, finishes and installation methods.

“With over 15 years of award-winning Play expertise, inhouse, you can relax knowing your idea is in the very best of hands,” says Roger Joyce, Fleetwood Director. “From concept to completion we take on the responsibility and complexity of making it happen. You take all the credit for a fantastic new playground when it’s done. Just as you should.”

Do you have an idea for an upcoming Play project? Want to explore the possibilities with no obligation? Contact us for a FREE Project Scoping Session today. 

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