Narrabeen Lagoon Stage 2

“Completing the loop for one of Sydney’s most precious natural assets”

Executive Summary

Narrabeen Lagoon is the largest coastal lagoon in Sydney. It is a precious natural asset and recreational resource enjoyed by canoeists, windsurfers, paddle boarders, swimmers, fishers, day trippers and residents. Stage 1 of the Narrabeen Lagoon Trail was completed in 2011. Stage 2 was the missing link that finally allowed complete circumnavigation of the lagoon. It was also the most complex stage of the development, requiring the construction of two bridges across bushland creeks and the resumption of land used by the Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation and Cromer Golf Club. All with minimal disruption of the fragile riparian zone, the interface between the land and water.



Warringah Council





Design Partners

Thompson Berrill Landscape Design

Scope of Work

Deliver, Detail, Develop, Discover

Fleetwood Involvement

Fleetwood, Warringah Council and landscape architects, Thompson Berrill Landscape Design, collaborated in a multi-skilled team to deliver the most aesthetic and cost-effective result possible for Stage 2 of the trail, while maintaining full environmental protections. Following our proprietary DesignExecute2™ process, our technical, operations and construction teams carefully considered the project vision, brainstormed the challenges and developed detailed strategies for dealing with any issues well before construction actually began. The benefits of this were particularly evident in the innovative methodology used to successfully install the two new bridge structures across South and Middle Creeks.


Award Name Location Year
Parks and Leisure Australia Award of Excellence Narrabeen Lagoon Stage 2 2015