The Heights Community Park

“An architectural statement creating harmony with the surrounding hinterland”

Executive Summary

Sunland’s overall vision for The Heights was to create architecturally-designed homes and landscaped parks that were intimately connected, both to each other and to the surrounding hinterlands. Fleetwood was chosen to design and construct a series of custom public shelters that extended this vision, creating an architectural statement that added genuine character to the visionary new estate.


Sunland Group





Design Partners

Form Landscape Architects

Scope of Work

Deliver, Detail, Develop, Discover

Fleetwood Involvement

Using our collaborative DesignExecute2™ process, step one was a Discovery session where the preliminary drawings were reviewed with the design team at Form Landscape Architects. While the original design was a pre-cast concept, we proposed a steel alternative to help reduce the overall cost and timeline, developing an accurate and reliable construction budget to allow the client to make a direct comparison. Our recommendation was agreed, and engineering drawings were then prepared to confirm the most suitable beam sizes, weights and connection techniques. From here the shelter structures were manufactured off-site in two parts, before being connected and finished by our on-site construction crews.