Wulaba Park

“Inspiring outdoor play for inner-city families”

Executive Summary

With a broad and rapidly changing demographic, and an increasing number of people living in apartments, access to public play structures for inner-Sydney families in Waterloo was limited. Fleetwood Urban was engaged by landscape architects Sturt Noble to provide structural engineering services, a role that quickly grew to also include detailed design, manufacture and installation. Working with the Sturt Noble, City of Sydney and public artist Nuha Saad, Fleetwood created a distinctive and memorable new play structure for locals to enjoy called Wulaba Park.








Design Partners

Sturt Noble (Architect)

Scope of Work

Deliver, Detail, Develop, Discover

Fleetwood Involvement

From concept to completion, Fleetwood worked hand-in-hand with Sturt Noble using our DesignExecute2™ delivery process. Together we explored the best ways to bring the unique play structure to life within budget, while maintaining the architectural and aesthetic intent. We also collaborated extensively with artist Nuha Saad and the playground equipment supplier, to ensure we delivered a truly integrated and imaginative design. Several key creative enhancements, such as the reshaping of the top of the main play tower and the addition of the giant slide, were developed as the concept designs were taken through to detail in preparation for construction. Fleetwood’s unique capacity to detail in-house completed the picture, with 3D modelling used to ensure all final elements fitted together perfectly – which they did.

More Project Information


The unique structures at Wulaba Park were designed by Sturt Noble to enhance imaginative and narrative-based play opportunities for local children and families. Their vision was to create a stimulating and visually-appealing play structure that activated a range of senses. The design needed to provide a variety of experiences and adventures for different age groups and abilities. The custom-designed play tower, reminiscent of the classic Hills Rockets, was the key visual element of the park.


In realising Sturt Noble’s design vision, one of the main challenges was to fit as much play value into the structures as possible, while still complying with the relevant Australian Standards.


The main play tower featured an innovative design that allowed it to be constructed wholly off site, before being moved into position in one lift. The rolled ring located at the top of the tower also required a bespoke construction process, due to the tightness of the radius.


  • Hills Rocket’ play tower
  • Giant slide
  • Ropes, swings and cable climbing equipment
  • Nature play and tunnels
  • Patterned painted paths
  • Giant blocks
  • Pergola canopy

  • Mild steel
  • Non marine grade paint system
  • Stainless steel
  • Seasoned hardwood
  • Rope
  • Concrete

As with every bespoke play structure Fleetwood designs, it was essential to consider all eventualities and meet all relevant Australian Standards for playground safety. Key areas of focus included engineering connections, fall heights and the materials and finishes used.


Sustainably sourced materials were used wherever possible, including certified sustainable timber and low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint. The playground itself was also built over a water retention basin, helping to preserve the local green space whilst dealing with the increased run-off from the surrounding residential development.


Wulaba Park is a stunning, engaging and iconic playground that delivers on the original design intent perfectly. It creates a lively new public space where families from the inner-city community at Waterloo can meet and play, 365 days a year.


Children love visiting Wulaba Park, and so do their parents. With new elements and activities at every turn, it’s a safe and endlessly creative space to get outside and…have fun!