Wylde Mountain Bike Trail

“Bringing design-led engineering to Western Sydney Parklands”

Executive Summary

Always eager to step up to a challenge, we were delighted to work with leading landscape architects, GroupGSA. The task was to create a visually striking, yet effortlessly functional series of bike shelters and wash-down facilities along the Wylde Mountain Bike Trail in Western Sydney Parklands.


Western Sydney Parklands Trust





Design Partners


Scope of Work

Deliver, Detail, Develop, Discover

Fleetwood Involvement

DesignExecute2™ provided the ideal framework to confidently realise GroupGSA’s vision. After careful planning and detailed consultation, a workable design for the shelters was finalised then translated into a full 3D model. This allowed our manufacturing team to carefully visualise the end result, working through potential challenges well before fabricating, assembling and installing the shelters. Harnessing our proven expertise in shelter construction and value-engineering methods, we were able to deliver structures that were aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective and on-time, just as the brief required.

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When GroupGSA turned to Fleetwood they wanted a partner who was able to ensure every structure along the mountain bike trail complemented each other, in doing so delivering a continuous experience from end-to-end. While the shelters had to be structurally sound and secure, the design also called for an appearance of ‘lightness’, as though the structures were temporarily resting in the landscape.


The hold-down fixtures (aside from the roof fixings and side cladding) had to be invisible. There was also a certain complexity in the fabrication process due, with the unique nature of the continuous steel ribbon-like framework adding to already tight construction timeframes. Our team rose to every challenge, delivering these iconic structures on time and to the typical outstanding quality synonymous with Fleetwood.


The project called for innovation at many levels, including engineering design as well as thoughtful planning and logistics. In particular, the project demanded a high level of precision and collaboration from all members of the Fleetwood team to ensure each element of the complex structures aligned perfectly.


  • Seamless piping bent in two planes
  • All joins at underground baseplates
  • Roof sheeting to provide added sun protection and create interesting shadow play

  • Mild steel
  • Weathering steel

As with every structure Fleetwood create, a Safety in Design review was a critical part of the design development. This looks at every aspect of the design, particularly entrapment sharp edges and all potential hazards. Once identified these elements of the design are mitigated before construction details are completed.


Fleetwood are always looking at ways to enhance our processes to ensure best practice methods are being utilised. This involves partnering with suppliers with a focus on sustainable manufacturing and programs to reduce wastage & overall carbon footprint.


By providing natural rest stops along the Wylde Mountain Bike Trail, the shelters connect riders of all ages and backgrounds, making them an important social hub for the local cycling community.


The trail continues to give visitors of all ages more reasons to get outside and explore the Western Sydney Parklands on two wheels.



Award Name Location Year
Premier's People's Choice Award for Landscape Architecture Wylde Mountain Bike Trail 2015
AILA NSW Award for Design in Landscape Architecture Wylde Mountain Bike Trail 2015